Bohemian style in the interior - especially

you often in exotic countries, and bring out a lot of souvenirs?You love to collect guests who linger long after midnight?Do you like when the house consists of many cozy corners where you can lie in the comfort and warmth?You are alien to the border and conventions?Then try to design your house in the bohemian style.

Otherwise, it is called the boho style.It is easy to follow, that the name comes from the French word for bohemians, which originally belonged to the Roma, and later spread to the designation of creative professionals.It is no accident supporters boho style it became artists, photographers, designers, writers, actors.

Style Boho is a bold mixture of stylistically disparate things.It is distinguished by some craziness.However, the craziness is not gloomy and positive.As a mischievous joke.Something like "make the person easier."And, of course, in the bohemian style of many gypsy, free spirit of nomadic life.

So, what are the main features of boho style in the interior ?Despite the fact that the style suggests a creative mess, try to figure out the order.Let's start with the wall design.Walls boho-home, usually plastered and painted.Best of all, in a bright color.Available deliberately amateurish painting.And, in any case, walls, interior doors are decorated with lots of accessories, if the door is not, then you need to buy interior doors.These accessories can be - abstract paintings, amateur paintings, caricatures, photos greasy.Quite a bohemian look and fragmentary records on the wall.

Furniture can be absolutely anyone.Fashion designer chair next to a table with a flea market - please.More or less a required element - a magnificent bed.Ottoman or sofa, threw blankets and pillows.It is the best fit to the gypsy aesthetics.

Speaking of textiles.Bohemian style involves a huge number of textile items.Besides those already mentioned plaids and polushek that may lie in picturesque disorder and sofas and chairs and on the floor, welcome fringed tablecloth, napkins with lace, heavy colored curtains in several layers and variegated mats of all kinds.

all this mysteriously drowned in the intimate semidarkness.Day light enters the half-curtained windows, and in the evenings included numerous but dim lamps, floor lamps and floor lamps.

same color of the interior in the bohemian style gaudy bright.The whole palette of the rainbow, shaded sheen of bronze details.Especially piquant looks incongruous mix of classic design in shades of one color.

Congestion color complemented overwrought.Lamps, books, candlesticks, vases, figurines, musical instruments - all in the course and all for show.

If you think that grow roots in a house is difficult, the designers offer two options boho style in a more rounded form.The easiest for the perception of the interior, where things of different styles selected in one color.This bohemian style will suit many.A little more than a loaded version stylistically uniform interior flashy colors.If you want to create a "rabid" boho style boldly mix everything with everything.And, perhaps, of amusing experiment bohemian style for you to become the credo.