The technique of making stained-glass windows - doors and not only

said that the modern world is too fixated on things.Possessing some of them not only gives comfort and aesthetic pleasure, but also enhances the social status and even equal to the state of happiness.You think it's too much?But things are things different.There are those among the masterpieces of seemingly ordinary objects of the interior, which are able every day to delight, excite and develop spiritually.

For example, elements of the situation, in the technique of stained glass.No wonder the early stained glass windows were actively used in the design of churches.The play of light on the colored glass is something fascinating and sublime.Gradually, stained glass moved in everyday space.Today it is used for registration of interior elements such as the interior doors, facades of furniture, windows, ceilings, as well as numerous individual interior.

To enter the stained glass in its interior, it is necessary to understand what the manufacturing technique of stained glass to be created your version.To

day, widely used three basic techniques - so, consider these basic techniques in detail, in order better to have the information and choose the appropriate option for you.

Historically, the oldest and, in fact, invented the first technique is a classic stained glass or the assembly of lead-spike.Separately, prepare the particles of colored glass and lead profile.The latter is obtained by rolling rods.Its width is typically 4 mm.Then the glass parts according to the sketch routed profile, the edges of which are bent reliably.Modern classic stained glass is created using a brass or zinc profile and very rarely, as in the old, lead.

Some artists prefer to work in engineering "frameless" beautiful stained glass.In this case, the specially prepared glass colors and special signs, then, is treated in a muffle furnace at a temperature of about 600 degrees.In the process of firing the dye penetrates the glass and get strong and beautiful products, resistant to moisture and other atmospheric influences.

Finally, Tiffany technique, so named after its creator Lewis Comfort Tiffany, son of the famous jeweler.Making stained glass here begins at the stage of casting glass.Currently we engaged in this large foreign companies, where the creation of stained glass windows for working the whole staff of chemists and technologists.

When the glass is cut and ready for the sketch, it turns into a copper tape with one adhesive side, which is called "foil".After assembling stained glass and special processing of seams, they are working on further patina.Color patina is important for the finished product.It may be copper or black.

distinctive feature of this technique and perfect the author of the breakthrough is that the opportunity to create a three-dimensional stained glass: painted ceilings, columns, vases, domes.

To summarize, it should be noted that, in general - the stained glass windows are now at the peak of his popularity - whether elements of the interior, accessories, or something else.Many designers from around the world happy to use this technique in their work.And no matter what technique of making stained glass you choose what to buy interior doors or decide to, you can be sure that the stained-glass windows can make your interior a refined, aristocratic, bright and status!