Fusion in the interior - Interior Doors in Him

What a family event in Soviet times exhausting all morally and materially and lasted for years?The mere thought of it evokes nostalgia ... That's right!Of course, the repair!How great is that these realities are in the past!Today, at the current abundance of specialty shops with a huge variety, if you started a repair, you can be quite sure - Position in quite a reasonable amount and timing.

Fusion interior is primarily a union of disparate "neobedinimyh" elements.He completely re-created in each case, so you can be sure will not find anyone like the living room or bedroom.At first glance, there is a feeling that there is no hard and fast rules.Still, there are certain limits.

But what to choose interior doors , if you are interested in fusion?Board design is simple - focus on the design of the wall, texture of wallpaper and flooring.Let selected doors in harmony with them, then you can not go wrong.On the other hand, door may become the center of attention.It is perfectly acceptable for the sty

le of fusion, but it requires extraordinary audacity and perfect taste.Like so much in this bold style, interior doors should not fit into the strict confines.Thus, interior doors in Novosibirsk and other cities may be ready to find suitable to this style.

But that's not all pleasant moments.You can not only elevate the house, but also unleash your creativity.After all, modern renovation is a fascinating creation of the individual style of your interior.And if you like the brightness, originality and modern comfort, feel free to take as a basis for fusion.

The first is to draw attention to the color scheme.Fusion involves a combination of bright colors.Now in vogue crimson, gold and turquoise.All this can be combined white base.The combination of blue and red also occurs, but is considered more conservative.Another version of colors: white plus black plus purple.However, experimenting with your favorite color, you are not going beyond fusion can create something individual.

also very important for the fusion was attentive to the textures.Everything that surrounds you should be nice to the touch.So close your eyes, hands and pull forward - to choose curtains, pillows, blankets.Textiles should be much advantage for the heavy fabrics, but from the cold chrome-plated surfaces should be abandoned.

And, of course, important coverage.The most optimal - point illumination of individual objects, allowing to emphasize their beauty and create a general feeling of comfort.

the word "repair" many of us imagine the vast ruins of the house, the huge costs and endless "working" in the evening.But to refresh design refresh the walls and give the apartment novelty, it is not necessary to make global action in his home.At times, a slight rearrangement of partial replacement of elements or light decor can work miracles.

If you have the desire to decorate your home, but do not have the time, finances and energy to carry out planned, you can help stencils .When we decorate your home, you often wish that the decor was individual and not similar to others.Wanting to change the appearance of the walls, we often sticking wallpaper.But first, glueing process is time consuming and requires rearrangement of furniture or other manipulations which it is desirable to avoid.Secondly, the wallpaper have no personality, because they are produced in the manufacture of conveyor.Wall painting - is the author's work, and is able to qualitatively carry out its only a good specialist.But it is a long and very expensive.

Remember, choosing the style of fusion, you let into your home, which means that in their lives a fresh breeze.And let the wind bring lightness and positive changes!