Consider the filament curtain in the interior

Since ancient times in the East for home decoration use filament curtain in the interior.In hot climates need air circulation, and therefore no such curtain simply can not do.Such curtains are well obscure the room and do not create obstacles to air flow.They do an excellent job with its main task - to hide your house from prying eyes, make it cozy and komfortnym.Nityanye curtains in the interior there are several types: curtain, muslin, products "noodles" and "rain."They are fixed on the upper part of the braid.Mainly used for the manufacture of 100% polyester.The size of such curtains can be different, they are often produced on order.It is easy to explain, because their production - a time-consuming and laborious work which can not be used in mass production.

will look very impressive filament in the interior of the living room curtains.If it is made in a classic style, it is best to decorate the window curtains different textures, layered.If you are closer to the style of hi-tech, it is more suita

ble for the living room split-level light-colored curtains.To the interior was organic, such curtains are available with all kinds of cuts.For a bedroom is more appropriate muslin.Pick up the curtains tightly interlocking strands, dark colors - sunlight and your rest just do not hurt.

textile curtains in the interior of a child's room, too, looks very original.If your child is still small, you can pick them up with a picture of children's themes.Excellent

will look filament curtain in the interior of the kitchen.Ordering them, you can pick up material with a special anti-dust properties.

At first glance, the filament curtain in the interior (see photo in the article), seem to be fragile and short-lived.In fact, this impression is deceptive.Such curtains are practical and do not require special care, except for washing.However, this should be done, observing certain rules.

Remove curtains from the window, take them further tied up in several places pieces of fabric to yarn has been collected.Then they should be put into a special laundry bag and send it to the machine.Wash curtains material curtains at appropriate temperature regime.The washing curtains immediately hang up on the ledge, so they took their previous form.By following these simple rules, you keep those curtains for many years.

textile curtains in the interior are not only yourself, but also in combination with different fabrics.For example, will look very impressive oriental velvet curtains or fabric Chinese.

Curtain yarn will help you, if necessary, zoning space.Use their ability to transmit light - and with a certain lighting in the interior, they will look organically.Gauze can be hung in a doorway or close its niche.It all depends on your imagination.

Another advantage of filament curtains is that you do not require the services of a professional seamstress.These products are manufactured in standard lengths, so if you need to, you can just cut them with scissors.