Bubble panels - original accents in the interior

Accepted to believe that you can endlessly contemplate the game fire.However, the water element is able to calm people's nerves are just as good.No wonder the history of the aquarium (this word is called refined art of ornamental fish) has more than a dozen years.And if for the very long period mankind has learned to skillfully integrate amazing pieces in the sea it is the Earth's interior, here to make the functioning of these ecosystems, small fully autonomous and remains a dream.That has much to give pleasure to dive into relaxation, watching the smooth flow of water, due to total and absolute employment.

But do not despair if your strength is not enough to care for the aquarium inhabitants capricious, they can find almost equivalent replacement.Bubble bar, the price is comparable to the cost of a large vessel with fish and seaweed (the bottom bracket is somewhere in the region of 15 thousand rubles), does not require daily attention and fancy threads of transparent bubbles dancing in the flickerin

g light, looks even morefascinating.

These original solutions for more than a year are used in the design of bars, offices, hotel lobbies, but only relatively recently, designers began offering residential projects with such unusual items.It turned out, Bubble panels might as well fit into the interior of the house.And they will be relevant not only in the living room, but in the nursery, and even in the bedroom.In the latter creates a wonderful romantic atmosphere, thanks to which it is likely that if you do not have a child's room, it will need in the near future ...

Do not be afraid to mount the air bubble in the flat panel.Quality does not flow, will not break from accidental impact (even in the case of a direct hit by a ball) - this is due to special technology of creating such structures.To dispel remnants of doubt, let us look at its foundations.

What is the device?This hollow chamber filled with water, and magical transparent beads - pumped air compressor.In order to avoid the mini-flood Bubble panels are made of extremely durable acrylic glass.Its thickness can be up to 16 mm!Already imbued with a sense of reliability?The body products made from materials that are not afraid of mechanical and shock loads.

The same floating bubbles fed by the compressor, and to ensure the orderly movement, they are sent through the distributing channels.During the game the color corresponds to light: LEDs embedded in the Bubble panel are no replacement for a long time.They are economical and multivariate combinations and contrast adjustment untie the hands of the owners - you can adjust the color and softness of the light at the behest of momentary desires.

Conscientious manufacturers are not just once or twice finished products testing: test them for leaks, electrical equipment checked.All of these "experiments" are recorded, analyzed and proven only on the positive side products will receive a certificate.Next Bubble panels fall into the hands of designers, who are willing to create the apartments cozy islands exempting their owners from anxiety and stress.