warmth, cleanliness, simplicity - that's what the association is country-style.Interior rustic most suitable for people who prefer a life measured and calm.All elements of decoration and finishing: furniture, textiles, flooring, walls - made exclusively from natural materials.This feature is different from other country-style.

Interior rustic

main materials used for the interior designers - a wood and stone.In some cases, the design of the premises is permissible to use the skin.Typically, the interior of the house is decorated in a rustic wicker or wrought iron furniture, accessories, hand made wooden shelves.Very original look items of folk art and craft.Country style - is primarily a comfort, warmth, simplicity and naturalness.

color and pattern

The main feature of this style is the use of natural delicate shades that can make the interior a simple and refined (white, pale blue, light green, beige).Contrast and saturation are strongly discouraged.Bright colors only weighing situation.They ca

n be present only as a small decorative elements.The most profitable emphasize rustic style will help thin strip of pale cells and lace pattern.

Decorating Country style in the interior garden lining allows use as the primary finishing material.However, it is not necessary to decorate the walls, you can create a small corner, having issued so only part of the room.The decor of apartments and designers often turn to wooden panels.However, they should also be very careful not to overload the interior.For the walls can also be used decorative plaster, simulating the whitewashed walls.Masonry - it welcomes the country-style.Interior rustic successfully complement the wallpaper, preferably paper, a simple understated floral pattern or plain.

Furniture Sets for interior in the style of country music should be made entirely of wood.Not bad, if it is artificially aged furniture.It is most effectively give color space to reflect his personality and identity.


Curtains, painted pillows, soft plaid upholstery chairs with floral pattern - all this dictates a country-style.The interior is characterized by an abundance of rustic textile items.Cloth curtains tend to choose light colors, with fine geometric patterns, floral pattern, openwork pattern.The decor of the rooms occupy a special place lace and embroidery.Shades of luminaires, surface screens, headboards are decorated with cut cloth patterns "Richelieu".


unique charm room rustic aged give any surface.Great look different chips, abrasions and cracks.On the floor will look very original samotkany rug or carpet handmade.