Charming butterfly on the wall.

in beliefs, myths and legends of different peoples butterflies were seen as a symbol of prosperity, happiness and love.With reverence to them are in Asia, the revival and resurrection of the soul, they symbolize the Christians.The Aztecs is an attribute of the god of spring, love, vegetation.The ancient Romans perceived them as beautiful flowers, torn by the wind.They are still admired and admire them, you can not just in summer.Incredibly beautiful and colorful butterflies on the wall as a decorative element of the interior of the apartment create a holiday mood, the feeling of a sunny day, fill the room with a special energy.

similar decor as pieces of a complex puzzle that make up the interior creates a harmonious general pattern of decoration, including the beauty of the arrangement and unsurpassed comfort.Wall decoration butterflies used for a long time, it is not a new idea design development, but that it gives an opportunity to show the entire boundless imagination of the master, animates the

interior, presenting it in new colors.Garden, meadow or field butterfly on the wall, created from colored paper, fabric, beads, leather, vinyl and other materials of all kinds, are an excellent design solution.

unique panels and other compositions made of fluttering, unusually air and light beings who fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom, nursery or living room.Delicate and vibrant butterflies on the wall, as if floating in a kind of free flight, create a unique atmosphere.A variety of shapes and colors is amazing, pleasing to the eye, they want to enjoy as long as possible.

Enough interesting style of interior decoration data has been developed and brought to life by New York artist Paul Villinski (Paul Villinski).It is a challenge to traditional solutions of interior design, as the basic material for the ideas of the master are the cans of beverages.The artist carefully cuts butterflies from cans, forcing then weightless flocks of these beautiful creatures circling the walls of the stopping time.Butterflies like a freeze in the eternal bizarre dance that, by itself, can not fail to impress.

butterflies symbolizing the lightness of being, joy and renewal, reminiscent of the sunny summer day, green lawns.In the interior they can be used as decoration for the framework for paintings, photographs, mirrors, table lamps and chandeliers.Suffice it to look nice and natural butterflies on the curtains.They are decorated with furniture or create their own paintings, pasting them on paper.Bright butterflies, giving expressive interior, unusually enliven it.Often such decor is complemented by various accessories, created in the form of trembling creatures.

However, more original - they decorate the walls of the room.To date, the sale of a wide range of decorative elements.But if there is a desire to emphasize the original design of your home interior in the house and create a special atmosphere of comfort, it is better to create a wall decor with their own hands.Butterflies are easily reproduced on the walls using a stencil, acrylic or fluorescent colors, patterns and color double-sided paper.

you can arrange them in a variety of variations.Especially good will look butterfly on a wall or ceiling, fixed the most natural way.This will create the illusion accidentally flown into the room flocks of butterflies.Butterflies can be arranged randomly, using the game of contrasts, and you can pick up the decor in a single color.Effectively will look suspension of butterflies.Hanging on the finest Threads colorful and translucent beauty will come to move from a light stream of air, bringing home some positive energy and warmth.