Ulyanovsk doors

Ulyanovsk doors - is today one of the most popular manufacturers of doors in Russia.Ulyanovsk doors are not certain the factory, it is a complex manufacturers with a different history and tradition in the manufacture of doors and accessories.

main traditions we feel are especially manufacturing Ulyanovsk doors

main advantage of this production is the high technology and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of interior doors.Take a timber of pine, sawn into short sticks length from fifteen to twenty-five centimeters.Further, these bars on modern equipment zapilivaem a special connection - microspikes.After I washed down by microspikes compounds are coated with glue made in Germany and are interconnected.The result is a board with the engineering properties of high resistance to twisting and temperature extremes and moisture.

Later this material is manufactured by the door leaf tie tsargovyh compounds which are horizontal canvas.This design is good for their durability a

nd the ability to disassemble the door leaf without damaging the fabric coating.For example, if you accidentally broke the glass in the door, you probably need to change the door to other manufacturers as regards the Ulyanovsk doors, they can be taken apart at home, and replace damaged glass or a panel without changing the very fabric.

Ulyanovsk doors produce a large number of sizes.Firstly: it blocks the door height 1900 mm width 600 mm blades and 550 mm.This is true in the apartments Khrushchev and Brezhnev times of which there were many, even in Moscow.It is interesting that these paintings (1900 mm) is in the warehouse program, and are sold at no additional cost as the standard fabric.Traditionally Ulyanovskie factory manufactures both standard moldings, which is cheaper and is attached to the glue or nails to the rest of the door unit and which is mounted a telescopic planed with special slots and fasteners, and generally occurs without nails or glue.

transoms Ulyanovsk doors are manufactured in multiple sizes, besides all these dimensions is in the warehouse program, which means you can buy transoms width of up to 250 - 300 mm today, together with the doors.

And of course the price of Ulyanovsk doors.Today it is one of the most expensive proposals are not in the domestic market.In order to verify this, you just need to go to any of the construction of shopping centers in Moscow where there Ulyanovsk interior doors.Many buyers try to buy interior doors at the lowest price, which results in the future to replace the emergency doors.Lowest doors made usually hollow and are easily damaged by mechanical means.The same concerns and door panels cover all Ulyanovsk doors covered with natural veneer.This coating has a rich structure and color of the door panels and moldings.

also one of the most significant advantages of Ulyanovsk door is a constant warehouse stock of doors and accessories in stock in Moscow.You can buy Ulyanovsk interior doors and be sure that you will get them the next day.Many manufacturers of doors are made only to order, Ulyanovsk doors warehouse program is so broad and deep that you do not have to wait.