Noise Level Air Conditioning.

When selecting and installing air conditioning should pay attention to the noise level, if you are going to install in the bedroom next to a window or nervous neighbors, be sure to consider the noise level, which publishes the outdoor unit.It is measured in decibels (dB), the sound level up to 25dB almost inaudible level of a whisper is about 25 to 30 dB, the volume of a normal conversation and office premises - 35-45dB, all that above - a loud conversation or a busy street.For a modern split-systems characteristic noise of the outdoor unit in the range of 40-45dB for indoor unit - 25-35dB.It may be noted, the volume of the indoor unit does not exceed the volume of office space, so pay attention to this indicator is, when cooling is carried out, for example, in a bedroom or a private office.

It would seem that the choice is obvious, the lower the noise level, the better and comfort is guaranteed.But this is not true, and it may be that the air conditioning noise level 25dB will run louder than the oth

er with the figure of 32 dB.And here there is no deception, as modern air conditioning equipment can be operated in different modes, and each has its own level.You have to be prepared that split system may issue and other sounds - gurgling, hissing, crackling, clicks.Gurgling and hissing freon can be heard when you turn on or turn off the compressor.Crackling may occur when the compression or expansion of the housing parts when the temperature changes.Recognize the indoor unit, which produces crackling, can be on the cheap plastic that is easy to distinguish from any other plastic expensive luxury models.Clicks may occur when you enable or disable the compressor.

known that air-conditioning is necessary to operate only with the windows closed, so the volume of the outdoor unit almost inaudible, but it can be heard the neighbors, who did not have air conditioning and all the windows are open.Of course, loudness serviceable outdoor unit does not exceed the permitted levels for residential areas, but it may annoy the neighbors, so well need to consider the place of installation.