How to Buy and Select DVR


DVR is a device with disc process of accumulation of information and digital (flash cards).Disk recorders are still found on sale in the greater because of the low prices.Also, because of the difficulty to forge recording (in digital recording is easier to change) devices to disk buy.

So what is the right choice of the DVR?

Many companies that offer to sell recording equipment, ensure that the record can be used in court, as the moment of impact is recorded in a separate file.Many drivers prefer to dozens of different brands just a few: Firms Neoline and X-Driven.A good popular devices companies VisionDrive and Kaiman, and the ACV and Roadmemory.

Find where to buy a DVR with a display

Yandex will tell you where to buy a DVR with a display. And why the display?Display - is the ability to instantly see what happened a few minutes ago, or what is happening now.In the first case the driver to prove his innocence before the traffic police, if it start to press.It simply involves watching and

recording all see who the real offender.

In the second case, when viewing is conducted directly to current events, the driver sees what is happening in the cabin of his car or van.The camera can be installed even in the trailer and watch what is happening there and not diverted any cargo that is transported together with people.

Naturally, range of DVR depends on its cost .But sometimes cheap devices do not show quality, so you need to buy not just a beautiful thing, and useful device.Most bought devices with screens of brands such as ParkCity and Phantom.Fairly good popularity with ACV and VisionDrive.X-Driven gaining popularity for its stylish design.

better to select several video outputs

The more the driver has the evidence, the safer he feels.This is a purely psychological effect, and it pays for itself.More cameras in the car (2 or 4) and can be removed from all sides.If the driver is not guilty, but it looks like that he did not rule (the real offender has disappeared), - recording shows innocence.If the recording is carried out on all sides, no one can go unnoticed.

If you are looking for where to buy a video recorder, choose an online store that offers devices with a resolution of recorded images of at least 640x480.Good opinion among drivers earned brand Neoline, with its registrar Neoline Observer.Its two cameras are recording at a speed of 30 frames per second, resolution of 640x480 pixels.This is a very high-quality photography.You can use the trial.