How to build a sauna with their hands

Many people are building a house in the country, we would like to have a number of warm wooden bathhouse.Before you build a sauna with your hands, you need to decide what kind of bath you want to build.Someone like Russian bath, someone Finnish or Turkish, but not, perhaps, in Russia, not a single person who would not love a bath, except the one who never was in it.After the bath the person feels rejuvenated and pozdorovevshim.

have his bath dream of all, but how to build a sauna with his hands, he knows not everyone.The bath can be arranged inside the home, and can be in a separate room.These baths are different in size.In a free-standing bath, if resources permit, or land, you can arrange anything, even a swimming pool or gym.

But the built-in bath is not necessary to insulate as it is connected to the central heating.If you do not live in the house all the time, it is better to build a free-standing bath.And if you're strapped for cash, then the only way out - building a bath with his hands.

way, freestanding bath is much safer than the built-in fire relation, as when installing furnaces and other heating equipment required to comply with specific fire protection requirements.These requirements are specific to each of the furnace and are indicated in the data sheet.So, if we build a bath with his hands, to install furnace equipment is better to trust the experts, and then the fire inspector you show only the acceptance act.

Here are some recommendations how to build a bath with his hands.Construction bath consists of several stages.First of all, the walls and ceiling of the bath is necessary to lay a waterproofing material such as asphalt.Then out of the ordinary pine bar sewn frame with a pitch equal to the width of the insulation, for which suitable "Isover", a thickness of 50 millimeters.

We must remember one rule - the higher the ceiling, the greater the area of ​​the baths and the greater the heat loss, which means you need to double the ceiling for insulation.After that, a crate using staple gun attached aluminum foil, which serves as a reflector.The joints between the sheets are held together by a special tape.

floors do wood or tiled, with a slight slope toward the drain.Caring for tiled floors is much easier than wood, which a year or two trampled, and within three or four rot.On the tiled floor, wooden trapiki set or grid.

sheathed clapboard walls for the bath of aspen, basswood and other hardwoods, preferably without knots, as they become very hot and can cause burns.For proper operation of the bath requires good ventilation, which is on the one hand mixing air in the room, and on the other - provides fresh air.If ventilation is not, then the room is difficult to breathe and room will be slower to heat up.

After lining is ready, start the device shelves that usually do two - upper and lower, and have them as a stage.For windows in the bath using a heat-resistant tempered glass.Bath door is arranged the same way that it had to be open to the outside.

This is done for safety reasons.Just bath procedure - this is quite a significant load on the body, and if you have problems with the cardiovascular system of the person in the bath can be a bad thing.Then you can at least reach the door and pushed it open.Broke into a bath of fresh air can help a person recover.Because of this, the door from the inside of the bath is usually not arranged locks.The exception is spring or ball latches, which is enough for a bath.

now quite clear how to build a bath with his hands.But there is an interesting view of the bath, which has recently been gaining ground.Frame bath with his hands arranged with a lack of materials or if the room is needed very quickly.

Indeed, that is the skeleton bath with his hands?On a very light foundation arranged not flush frame made of bars of size 5x10 cm, and with both sides stitched edging board.

resulting frame is filled with expanded clay.Construction of the bath frame requires significantly less money and much less time-consuming ...