Macrame: scheme.

Macrame - one of the most popular types of needlework, which is based on a variety of weaving knots.Macrame technique used to make a variety of wall panels, planters, lamp shades, women's jewelry, curtains, covers for chairs, napkins with geometric patterns and so on.


Weave macrame - is hard work that requires special attention and patience.Not all beginners know what materials are best to use for the technique of macrame.Schemes to help beginners understand how to gradually weave a beautiful thing.First we need to choose the slip thread, for example, cotton or thick clothesline.

For the manufacture of jewelry and accessories to clothing used floss, linen, wool yarn, lurex, iris.It is interesting to look the things that are made of leather, cut into thin strips.

products in the technique of macrame

decorations for the interior of the trailing thick filaments: ropes, cords, synthetic fibers, fishing line.Variegated yarn for macramé not fit, they look fuzzy.A perfect complement to th

is needlework can use beads, seed beads, wooden rings, balls, sticks.

product would be better to hold the form, if you apply a thin wire, can be colored.First, a wire frame is prepared, and then hung on a thread.Too many girls and women are interested in the question of how to weave macrame.


When working with silk thread or twine need to moisturize your fingers.Wear gloves when weaving fabric of the hard pitches.Hard natural yarns boiled before use better - they are softer and more elastic.

silk thread comes apart while working to make it easier to weave from them, you need to lubricate the glue or tie knots, and synthetic - oplavit ends on fire.

In a preliminary calculation of the amount of material you need to remember that the working thread is getting shorter by 4 times when vyvyazyvanii knots, with flat weaving double knots - 6-8 times, with a mesh netting - 3-3.5 times.

What is needed for weaving macramé

when working with thin threads needed cushion which is filled with sifted sand or foam and fitted by a soft cloth.Beginners can use the old chair upholstered seat, foam board and wooden board (20 * 45, 20 * 35, 15 * 30 cm), which is placed 6-8 cm thick wool or foam, and then a layer of adhesive qualities cloth.

for such work still needed scissors, decorative pins, PVA glue, "Moment", a needle with a large eye.

Alphabet macrame

need to start to learn the names of threads that are used in macrame.Driving weaving is simple, if you know some tricks.

carrier thread - in this macrame thread on which hang all the threads for a given product.Lumpy or thread basis - around her weave knots.It is necessary to pull tight, otherwise the assembly will fail.Working thread - of it to tie knots around the base, its length should be 30 cm. Additional thread - is woven into the product further, despite all the previously hung.

means of fixing threads

If you want to do macramé, weaving schemes are described in detail below.

Exterior mounting threads padlock.Fold in half the working yarn, lowered down the basis for a loop.The resulting two ends of the thread is brought down onto the base and the loop.The horizontal crossbar loop must be set on the face.

Wrong mounting threads padlock.Also, folded in half working thread, but a basis for summing up the loop.Then, the loop is lowered onto the base and is passed down to both ends of it.The beam will hinge on the wrong side.

Advanced facial mounting threads .The thread is folded in half, strengthened by a lock on the front side.The filaments were then disconnect: take usually injected upward at its base, then down to the substrate and in the loop;Left repeat the same steps as on the right.Such yarns are used for fastening a dense series of nodes between the carrier thread is not visible.If you make a large number of turns at each end of threads, the attachment will be even tighter.

Advanced Wrong mounting threads padlock .Fold in half and thread work padlock fixed on the basis of inside.Then thread give birth right up to the substrate under it down in a loop.From left to do so.

Uneven mounting thread is used, fulfilling the chain.In this case, the working thread is reduced to 4 times faster than nodular.

main units

Hercules knot .The two strands of 10 cm placed vertically on a pillow, the ends of the pin is attached separately.The right-hand thread is fed to left and left - bottom-up and in the loop.The assembly is then tightened.

knotted chain .Take two strands.Alternately, each is something working, then knot.

rep node .His knit from left to right and right to left.

rep node from left to right.Before working thread stack nodular, working throws over the knot on the left side and carry on nodular, then being moved back on top of the knot thread work, but with the right hand, drags the thread end through the loop.The coils are aligned and tighten.This technique macram scheme described above can be applied for manufacturing any interesting things.

rep assembly from right to left like the fit, only first working thread throws right and then left.

Triple horizontal unit .Working on the thread knot provyazyvayut horizontal assembly.Then, the waste thread is placed repeatedly on a knot in a loop and injected downward.From these sites you can weave a pattern in the form of diamonds, zigzags.

Diagonal rep node .Take three strands hang them on the nodular and diagonal weave knot.With his left hand hold for the first nodular thread to the right, placing it diagonally.Second throws right through nodular and pull forward, up to a knot on the left and down into the loop, knot tightened.On the third thread is doing the same as that from the second to the art of macrame (schema will help you understand).

double flat or square knot .It weaves its most 4 threads (2 workers and 2 nodules).The leftmost strand over the two nodules throws (they are located in the middle), passed right over left and below knotted over the left and pull the working thread.Left to form poluuzel.

rightmost strand lay on top of nodules.Left - top right, passes under a nodular and outputting top right thread.Formed poluuzel right.

of two such turns poluuzlov double flat knot, and through repetition poluuzla can get twisted cord.

Checkerboard .Tying double rows of flat units and leaving the distance between them can be obtained checkerboard.

Weave macrame and involves a number of auxiliary units: simple knot "horizon", the node through the arm, tatting, Chinese, capuchin, Tie and Armenian.

Getting Started Before you get started with a macrame, you must work the thread to hang on nodular thread.There are many different ways of hanging:

Woven ring .To make the sample need only 10 strands, one strand of one meter length, the two lengths of 1.6 meters, 0.3 meter long three, four - 0.15 meter.One thread must be placed vertically on a pillow, the middle pin.From the center of each side should be deferred by 10 cm.

second string should be folded neatly in half and attach to the wrong side of the middle portion of the first strand.Next, you need to weave a chain of square knots length of 20 cm. The chain should be folded in half, the first ends of the strands connected together.This is followed by flat tie a knot in the following sequence: First - first - second.

Next, you need to fix the thread by receiving a "trap."The latest string should be folded in half and looped down.The third strand is necessary to wind the first thread should be done 7-9 turns.Thereafter, necessary to pull the loop in two superimposed end.

Macrame: a master class

In order to make a beautiful thing, need a frame from an old lamp shade, it must first be obtyanut new tissue.How to weave macrame lampshade?

is necessary to take a rope with a diameter of about 3 mm and cut the threads up to 6 times longer than the lampshade.The threads should be folded in half and hang them spread the backing for additional fastening thread, which is equal to the circumference of the upper part.

yarns should be distributed in groups of 4 each and flat weave a chain of three flat double knots.On the horizontal thread need to rep naplesti nodes all the ends of the chains - now formed a border.

to weave the central part of the lampshade, the ends should be distributed as follows: 12 for all fragments of the double flat knots.Four average yarn must be flat braid in the chain.In bundles of threads available under the diagonal components of Brides spread Josephine.

lower part of the weave of the lampshade should be mirrored.The ends that are left, it is necessary to fix using the technique of macrame.The scheme will help to weave the lampshade and competently carry out the work.Beautiful original lampshade is ready to use!