Specifications and features Art Nouveau style and constructivism - how to write on them the door?

interior of the apartment depends on the lifestyle of the owner, his preferences and attitudes.Those who prefer peace and quiet, do not risk your home to make out in bright colors and create unexpected solutions.If you love all the unusual and original, and daily life and you do not like, then you will approach, for example, Art Nouveau .This style originated from Art Nouveau, with time to include a note of other areas.

In this article we will look at characteristics and features Art Nouveau , discussing its main elements.

name Art Nouveau comes from the French name of art that was popular in the 19th century.But over time, the style is strongly altered and now bears little resemblance to the past century.The main difference is the style of imitation of the water element and plants.

main elements of style are the lines.The furniture should be undulating and curved.No sharp corners and massive structures should not be.The rectangular shape should be as smoothed.Imitation sea wave in the respect

ive colors will be highly relevant in this kind of design.Decorate it all with vegetable ornaments, and your furniture perfectly joins the specified style.

choosing a theme patterns, give preference to national motives of France and Belgium.Picture Styles in these countries are quite similar and complement each other perfectly.Use the green and blue colors by diluting them to contrast black and white.

Special attention should be paid to the decor and design.Arches and doors are decorated with floral ornaments and plain whorl on the furniture and walls smooth curved.It will be good if the master patterns will be performed, then all painted compositions will look a whole.

Accordingly, the question arises, « which doors better suited to this design?»

example, interior doors should be installed only if it is really necessary.Of course, we are not talking about steel doors for the entrance - without in any way.Avoid massive structures, composite materials and flowery shapes and designs.The best material is plastic or glass.The main thing is that the door gave the impression of lightness, had a clear shape and looked natural in this style.Standard office interior doors, which are often referred to as Finnish, thanks durable coating, have a long service life.In recent years, in addition to the banal white, began to produce other colors calm tones.Finnish door to constructivism - a pretty common thing.After all, this style is almost completely copies the office.

Constructivism interior assumes as the decor abstraktsionnyh drawings, collages and informative pictures that will be placed in the framework of the same topic.The same decoration can be beat and door .

Constructivism interior , as a rule, is characterized not only precise form and function of parts, it is still bright carrier solutions.If you have any idea what kind of furniture, decor and what doors better suited to this design , then create an overall picture of the interior you will not be difficult.

After reviewing all the specifications and features Art Nouveau , and constructivism, You are able to create the interior of the apartment.The style is considered to be modern enough, basically it is preferred by students and young couples.The lightness and airiness coupled with extravagant look stylish and unusual in a small apartment, and in spacious house.