Scandinavian style in the interior - the attention to detail

in piggy designers, there are many styles that can be radically different from each other.From big bombast to modest restraint, from innovative ideas and to an absolute natural naturalness - all this can be found in various areas of design.

As a rule, the style of copies in nature and lifestyle of the owner.For example, Scandinavian style interior best suited to the balanced calm people with Nordic character.These people prefer the idyllic and order, they are alien to synthetic materials and the latest development is inherent in this type of craving for simplicity and naturalness.If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern and ready to radically change the situation, then the style will satisfy you completely.

Style Scandinavia - this restrained natural colors, natural materials, a minimum of decoration and natural forms.Of course, interior doors made of solid, wooden windows - perfect.In addition, the interior doors of the array can buy and ready.This house is always, even in extreme c

old, will be a feeling of warmth and tranquility.This will contribute to the natural color, the internal energy of natural materials and laconic lines.

Style inherent minimalism.Minimalism not allow apartment to pile heavy furniture, multiple closets and other household items.Even in a small Khrushchev, you will have a lot of free space.The feeling of space and freedom has a positive effect on a person's mood.

The interior must use fabrics of cotton and linen, they are closest to nature.Minimum decor can be expressed by the image of a mosaic of ceramic or cobalt.Make it so that the image looked harmonious interior.As the scenery you can also use natural materials such as river pebbles, dried flowers and wood with no signs of finishing.Dilute with all this glass and metal, you can not spoil the overall picture.

creating a design in my house, we strive for perfection, following all the rules of design.Depending on the style, these rules can be both strict and very vague.For example, classic or high-tech interventions do not accept the parts of the other styles, each item should be clearly laid out and stay in place.Avant-garde and modernist accept diversity, because they are the "mix" of several directions.

If you define the design direction, and understand all the nuances and work through basic first draft on paper or on a computer.Remember that details in the interior must comply with the chosen style.In this article we consider the basic rules of selection .

decor plays a huge role in any kind of design.At times, it was he who is the foundation of all styles.Simple repair and quite ordinary furniture can be changed beyond recognition, if properly applied the necessary decorative elements.

Knowing the rules of selection , and correctly place all the details in the interior , you will be able to design their own hands, even without resorting to the help of professionals.

Style Scandinavia - it's sunny design.Therefore, if your windows face north, try to arrange the house a maximum of fixtures that can create the illusion of a sunny day.

Scandinavian style interior can be arranged in both the classical and contemporary design.And in case you do not have enough finances to global change, the design can be created from almost improvised.