Children's room for a girl and a boy - it's just

Unfortunately, a rare family in which grows a few children have the opportunity to allocate a separate room for each child, so often the younger members of the family have to share space with each other.

Construction child - not an easy process that requires serious approach, especially the arrangement of space, destined to live a boy and a girl.After all, if parents need to take into account not only a question of age.Following the advice in this article will help to develop an acceptable design children's room for children of different sexes.In addition, here are a few photos that will visual aid.

By the way, this information should take into account whether it is a children's room for a girl and a boy, or there will live exclusively by representatives of the same sex.So, a few notes, which should be kept in mind, furnished apartments are a young lady and the same gentleman.

Children's room for a girl and a boy: the problems and their solutions

Lack of space - the main problem arising in

the design of the nursery.At the same time it does not matter, in any relationship with each other are children: the good or not.Each of them should be a place where a child could retire and be alone with yourself.What to say about the case when the building - it's a children's room for a girl and a boy!To solve this problem will not only special screens and partitions, and other pieces of furniture such as shelving, separating the beds, headboards put together.

However, the installation of beds, a simple question itself.If the size of the room does not allow to place in it just two full beds, you can consider the following options arrangement of beds:

  • a bunk bed;
  • folding bed (convertible);
  • bed-podium;
  • pull-out bed.

Choosing furniture teen room, it should be remembered that children at this age are independent enough, and sometimes it is not enough one another's company.The rooms where teens live, becoming a meeting place with their peers.It's kind of apartments, where you can receive visitors, and not just children's rooms.A boy, a girl and their friends should be able to comfortably accommodate.Sofa that converts to sleep or soft ottomans - the perfect solution to this problem.

Do not also forget about the workplace for schoolchildren.Better if it will be each his own.If you can not install two tables, it does not matter: modular furniture at your disposal.

Zoning - the best solution to the problem of space and functionality.Especially this issue is relevant when children belong to different age groups, and not just in the difference of interest.Take, for example, a situation where the oldest child is already a schoolboy, and the youngest - even detsadovets, while the second game may hinder their studies first.

In addition, a children's room for girls and boys must be furnished with the tastes and preferences of both children.We should not forget the fact that younger kids are fickle in their hobbies, so do not rush to hang the wall or ceiling wallpaper featuring favorite cartoon characters in books or, even if both the child from them in delight.