Making Window curtains - the most important part of any interior

Probably many of you have noticed that even after a good repair room looks uncomfortable and empty as long as there is no formalized window curtains.I must admit that it is not an easy task.In order to do it right and beautiful, it is necessary to have a good taste and creative instincts.

Making window blinds - it is more complicated than it might seem at first glance.No wonder large lounges for the production of these products are professionals, well versed in this matter.But if you want to deal with this problem on their own, then listen to our advice.

choosing curtains, we first of all think about the quality and beauty of their fabrics, but do not forget the ledge, fittings, accessories.To choose your curtains seamlessly into the interior, it is necessary to choose the fabric so that it blends well with the rest of textiles in the room, as well as upholstered furniture alleged here.

then you should pay attention to the properties of the tissues and conditions of care.For example, lined curtain

s have good insulating properties, but require complex care.Therefore, for a child's room or the kitchen is better to choose curtains thinner, lighter, and heavy and dense more suitable for the bedroom.

Making window curtains can be quite varied: classical, baroque, English, Roman, in the Italian motives, Blinds-Pleated.All options are good in their own way - in one case, the curtains emphasize the elegance of the interior, in the other they are so original that attract attention, even in a very modest home.Some are ideal for simple, classic interior, while others emphasize the style of hi-tech.Let's take a look at the basic and most common types of curtains.

Making window curtains in a classic style is always welcomed by those who blyudёt tradition.Such curtains look great in any interior.They are not only beautiful but also practical - well protected from the bright sun or at night from street lighting.They can be supplemented by a broad curtain tape, braid, tassels and lambrequins.This type of curtains can be made of velvet, tapestry, silk, satin or metallized fabric.

looks very impressive design window curtains in the Baroque style.In this case, use a cloth saturated colors: red, deep brown, juicy burgundy.Specific details of the baroque curtains: pomp, voluminous folds of drapery.

modern design of windows curtains (photo with various options can be seen in this article) does not require following a certain style.You are free to choose options according to your taste and room.For example, Roman shades (close the window from the frame to frame, open as well as blinds) - the best option for the room in which it is impossible to draw the sides of the window.Such shades depending on the pattern and color of the fabric can be used in an apartment or office.

Beautiful window decoration curtains are now available to everyone.Suffice it to choose the desired option for your interior.