Interesting ideas for the home: there is no limit imagination

Today, designers around the world have decided as if to outdo each other.What are the only interesting ideas for the house they did not submit to public judgment!Someone appreciates functionality, someone - extravagance, while others - comfort.Deciding what to choose, to you.And we have a little help to understand all this diversity.

sill flower or not?

How wonderful to read a good book, and at the same time enjoy the view from the window!Agree, not every bed can be placed in such a way.Why not post it on the windowsill?Great idea, is not it?We can say that this is the place for flowers, but you can bet.If the room is small, and the window sill so that it is quite possible to sleep, why not?A cozy blanket, a small elegant cushions not only decorate the window, but will curl up on it.

Wallpapers - Garden

Interesting ideas for the house appear daily.And one of these ideas have become unusual wallpaper.Imagine that, looking at the wall, you notice that the flower buds begin to bloom - and now

in front of you a blooming garden.What is the secret?In special inks, which appear at a certain temperature.Because these wallpapers best glue where ever the sun is shining or the batteries are located.And by the way, this garden watering is not necessary.

three-dimensional floor

Interesting ideas for the home, photos of which can be found in many magazines, and sometimes are quite unusual.For example, as you floor, reminiscent of sandy beach or hot coals?And it is quite possible.Technology devices such floor is that the designers create a design that will look volume from all sides, and then fill it with a polymer.For greater effect in the polymer can be added stones and sequins.Do not forget to warn visitors about the unusual floor covering, and then have to call "fast" - not to everyone's taste to walk on coals.

phone from the past

Design ideas for the house are constantly changing and improving.But one thing all the decorators are in agreement - Vintage is always a place in our world.For example, your grandmother's phone can be a wonderful decoration of the room.If this is not rare in there, you can go shopping.Modern stuffing, hidden in an old building, there is exactly one of them.

Bath for two

should not progress in terms of romance.Interesting ideas for the house can be found in relation to the bathroom.Agree to take a bubble bath together is very nice and romantic.But what you can fit a bath?In today's "Yin-Yang" there's room for sure.It is divided into two halves, each of which is illuminated by LEDs.The ledges are mini-speakers that can be connected to the player and to create an atmosphere full of romantic harmony.

lamp bamboo

And how do you buy the lamp is not the idea of ​​the crystal, and the bamboo?You say - nonsense!You are mistaken.This option is more expensive lamp itself pompous crystal beauty.Each lamp is done by hand and decorated accordingly, stones, elements of metal and crystal.

Here are some interesting ideas for the house you are offered modern designers.Dare - sense of taste, each of us is endowed by nature.