We try to combine the kitchen with living room

More space, lack of rich decoration, simplicity of form - modern design trends in the design of various interiors dictate such rules.United premises, studios won huge popularity.Align the kitchen with the living room quite difficult.This implies a partial dismantling and demolition of the walls.Therefore, deciding to combine the kitchen with living room, you have to take into account all the nuances.

Consider design features a room.This option is best if the intensive exploitation of the kitchen is not planned, because even the most powerful range hood is not fully able to prevent the formation of odors and vapors, deposition of fat in the preparation of food.

Lounge is a traditional holiday destination, as well as the reception.Therefore, the above-mentioned factors can interfere comfort, in addition, over time, they will contribute to pollution of the furniture surfaces and coatings.Therefore it is necessary to effectively zoned space, choose the appropriate household equipment and furniture resi

stant if required plan kitchen, living room with.

choosing a color scheme, you should consider the purpose of the premises, the amount of natural light, furniture, which is planned to purchase.Having decided to combine the kitchen with living room, keep in mind that their color should be in harmony, in other words, the unacceptable presence of sharp contrasts in shades, in their saturation and brightness.

The interior lighting plays an important role.With a space of visual changes, zoning is carried out in such a way.From his organization depends warmth and comfort room, especially if we talk about a small-sized kitchen-living room.Thus, this design feature space is the difference between the brightness and intensity of light.It therefore actively used zoned each of the functional areas, which include sink, stove, kitchen table, countertop.The kitchen features light primarily determined by its size.With light in the room can be extended if it is abundant and bright.

Deciding to combine the kitchen with living room, you have to take into account the different requirements that are put forward to furniture.It must be in harmony with each other in color and style.With her selection should pay close attention to the level of protection against moisture and grease, as well as ecological materials.Moreover, such furniture should be functional enough.In the kitchen with her mounted and various household appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, range hood.

But for the living room should be chosen comfortable upholstered furniture.It should be placed at such a distance that there is space for cleaning and passage.

decoration design this room today is common and popular.It has both advantages and disadvantages.With the active use of the kitchen, it is desirable nevertheless refuse to combine: the smells, noise and inconvenience while cooking the rest is not very good effect on the rest in the living room.With the help of modern technology these factors can be reduced, but completely eliminated yet fail.