Making kitchens: photos, ideas, advice

Few people think and pay attention, but most of the time we spend in the kitchen.Therefore it is not surprising dream keeper of the hearth of a spacious and functional kitchen, but, unfortunately, the area and the layout does not always allow the imagination to roam.But do not despair!Designer savvy leaped forward, which makes it possible to save space without compromising the functionality of the room.

Making kitchen starts with the selection of colors.For small kitchen is better to choose light colors.So that our room did not look dull, pastel shades can be diluted with colorful decorative elements, such as a wall, which is located at the dining table can be decorated with beautiful photographs.This will not only dilute the pale interior, but also beat the empty space.

To visually expand the kitchen designers are advised to paint one of the walls more saturated colors - such combination will give the room a certain lightness and flavor.

main thing is not to overdo it: a riot of colors for the mi

niature cuisine is unacceptable!It is best to use a combination of two colors - it also allows to visually enlarge the area.

Making kitchens can not do without furniture.She has to be comfortable and compact.Instead of a massive tabletop use as a work surface folding table.If you still prefers traditional interior, choose the table round or oval.He not only perfectly fit into the overall design of the kitchen design, but also create a cozy atmosphere for the whole family.

Kitchen, perhaps, not only the most visited room, but also the most equipped.Design kitchens - the process fascinating and quite time consuming.It is complicated range of home appliances.An excellent solution for a small area will be built-in appliances: refrigerator, microwave oven and even a dishwasher, hidden under the facade, will always be there and at the same time will not attract attention.

There are several layouts, suitable for a small room.The first option is always considered "territory in line", ie, refrigerator, stove and other furniture placed along the walls.It is worth considering that the kitchen work area should not take more than half of the entire space.

technique also can be placed in the "two-line": some of the furniture is installed at one wall, and the second part of the opposite wall.Interestingly, when a layout distance between the two lines must not exceed 1 meter.

Finally, the most common design of kitchens among Russians "L-shaped".

working on the interior of the kitchen, should take into account not only the colors, the dimensions of furniture and household appliances, and lighting.Fixtures should be small, which will fill the room with natural light.Tulle, in turn, it is better to choose light colors and as transparent as possible.If you are against the textiles, it is possible to consider options for Roman blinds made of thin fabrics that blend with the overall interior and will not detract from the kitchen space.To illuminate the work surface perfectly suited built-in lights.

In his article, we gave examples of kitchen design, which you can rely, choosing decor.But remember, no matter what you had to taste, space, whose interior is laid out in detail, will always be stylish, comfortable and functional.