Japanese Blinds - stylish decoration of windows

exquisite detail of the interior are the artfully chosen curtains.Light and delicate, transparent and dense, they can experiment with the lighting in the house and create a unique style.For fans of understated elegance, the ideal option would be laconic Japanese curtains.They can decorate not only the domestic space, but also offices, shop windows, wide hallways, as quite impressive look at large apertures.Depending on the fabric and color palette, they can become the ultimate addition to any interior.

Curtains Japanese-style panels designed according to the principle Shoji, who played the role of screens and doors in a traditional building of this country.This characteristic detail looks great in the same style of the interior, it is quite harmonious and against the background of other design projects.

Curtains Japanese apparently are a set of fabric panels, special weighted bottom bars that are attached to the eaves.This kind of a screen that can be mounted as a ceiling or a wall.Curtains Japanes

e extraordinarily functional.They are worthy of decorate the windows in the spacious rooms are decorated shop windows and niches, separated the indoor area.

to their sewing using any synthetic and natural fabrics.Originally look modern materials from jute, bamboo straws.To create curtains Japanese style no restrictions in the choice of fabrics, the width and height of the panels depends on the size of the window or the shared space.

range of colors and infinite.A feature of these curtains is that each panel is in a separate row, allowing other parts to pass freely without forming folds.This makes it possible to use the Japanese curtains in the most daring design decisions.Emphasis is placed on the texture of fabric, pattern, and not on the color.They are primarily oriented people picking up to each individual interior are curtains.This can be dramatic openwork pattern, transparent fabric with a pattern in the form of branches, flowers, patterns, or other additional actual colors of natural tones.

interesting point is the ability to use several different fabrics on one ledge.It is possible to make dramatic changes in the interior according to desires and mood.Permissible variation of heavy and light fabrics, curtains and drapes, and can be supplemented by decorative elements.

curtains are installed with special cornices, with up to five channels.Location paintings can be one-sided, single-ended, two-way, symmetrical.Driving razdvizheniya curtains depends on desire.They like screens or panels are moved on the window, for which often they are called.

Practical Japanese curtains in the interior of minimalism, avant-garde is one of the most stylish design options.They also fit harmoniously into the design, executed in the eastern or ethnic style.This exquisite detail as it expresses a commitment to excellence, creates a simple, elegant, and does not break functionality.

curtains Japanese - modern and stylish interior design option.