The striking design of the wall in the living room

In any house living room is the central and most spectacular bathroom.They usually have the most attractive and expensive furniture, its design made the most significant interior.This is quite natural, as this room is used for receiving guests, leisure with the family, that is, it serves as a person at home.That is why the design of the walls in the living room to be special.

Surface finishes

for design in any room finishing side surfaces is the determining factor.Usually, making repairs in the living room wall decoration is made using paint applied to the level surface or wallpaper.At the moment, there is a wide range of materials in color and texture that allows you to perform a truly stunning design walls.It may be the traditional paper wallpaper, textile, non-woven, vinyl, for painting, as well as other species.These are the options most often used as decorative materials for the living room.It has long been a thing of the past by means of whitewashing a wall decoration, as it is quite impra


Living can be made in different styles, depending on which options are selected finishes.In the classical direction it is appropriate to use the embossed wallpaper made in pastel shades modest.Combined option when part of the wall is made monophonic material, and the rest will be plastered on some paintings with a pattern applied often enough.To make the original design, you can use the living room designer wallpaper, which are made in the form of imitation of a certain texture: bamboo, cloth, cane or some other natural elements.They are environmentally friendly, impressive look and do not violate moisture exchange in the room.Making the walls can be performed using a very original materials, such as Venetian plaster and decorative paints, which have become a real "squeak" in recent years.The exclusive interior design of the room can be obtained by using artistic painting.

If we talk about what options are most appropriate design of the walls, it is necessary to say that the wallpaper have an advantage over other types of finishes.This is due to the fact that they are very easy to remove if they are irritating to the new stick.Venetian decorative plaster and replace quite difficult.Making sure the wall is made in view of what materials are used in terms of environmental cleanliness.Here are leading options such as coating of tubes, decorative plaster, bamboo panels, and artificial stone.The first does not absorb odors, does not burn, does not collect dust.This coating is the best option for people with allergies.

When it comes to the design of the walls in the living room, it is necessary to take into account such an important factor as the durability of the material.And then rely on how much you're willing to look at the same finish.