Ideas for the one-room apartment: how to increase the area by attic?

small apartment is not always cramped and uncomfortable.It can be large, and live in it would be comfortable if well thought out ideas repair studio.Today is easy to find the right solution.In this area designers have long to develop and offer the best ideas.

for a studio apartment the main problem is the small area to the living space.Even in a good family with close relationships a person from time to time there is a desire to be alone, in peace and quiet.Sometimes you just want to relax.In order to separate the bedroom from the rest of the room, in apartments set screens, transparent sliding doors partitions.These items can easily turn the interior of the large room into a full bedroom.Popular ideas for one-room apartment - a bed under the ceiling.If the height allows it, you can create an entire mini-room "in the attic."

Kitchen Design Kitchen in the attic - a wonderful design ideas studio.In Europe, you can often find accommodation with the original plan.Most often in such apartments, yo

ung families live.What are the advantages of using lofts this way?Because of the ceiling area of ​​the fracture is significantly reduced.But with proper planning, you can use the kitchen to the maximum the whole area of ​​the room.You can combine the kitchen and dining area.With such organization of space will be more enjoyable pastime and a cozy room will look.

For the kitchen in the loft best suited corner kitchen sets.Lower cabinets will be located at the same under the ramp and the upper cabinets can be made to order for the construction of the attic or beveled fronts.You can hang the shelves instead of a simple upper hanging cabinets.For the most inaccessible places in the kitchen are perfect reylingovye system.

Such ideas for studio use every centimeter of help, even on the ceiling.Hide some of the design flaws of the attic is possible by means of properly selected and distributed color accents.Important in this planning is the lighting.The best option would be a window in the roof slope.Thus, the room will be enough light to penetrate, so that it will look more spacious and brighter.If they go to the dark side, it is not necessarily their curtain.

Bathroom in the attic

very good option to optimize the space could become a bathroom with sloping ceiling.Part of the attic is perfect for this approach.The wide window, which is set in the sloping ceiling in the bathroom misses a lot of light, and the room looks more spacious.Because of the bevel is set in the attic of a bath rather than shower.It is best to install it directly before the window.

Such creative ideas for one-bedroom apartments will significantly increase the area and create an original, incomparable situation, which will be nice, and the hosts and guests.