Choosing curtains and bedspreads for bedrooms

Equipping their homes, we strive to make it as convenient and comfortable.Ponders the layout, choose a beautiful and functional furniture, decoration items we place in its place.Particular attention is usually paid to the design of the bedroom, because it is a place designed for relaxation.Accordingly, it is important to think through every detail to rest became calm and comfortable.And help us in this products such as curtains and bedspreads for bedrooms.

What to choose?

Like any other products for the house, curtains and bedspreads can be performed in a variety of styles: classical, minimalism, avant-garde, high-tech and so on.Choosing should be depending on in which stylistic decision to create bedroom design.The curtains and bedspread often selected the same color, or at least a similar tone.Modern designers offer the following combinations:

  1. Made from the same fabric curtains and bedspread / pillows.This combination is the most common because it looks impressive and harmoniously, regardles
    s of age.Especially the combination of the fact that this kit can easily make their own hands and thus ensure the unity and harmony of the whole room.
  2. curtains and bedspreads for bedrooms may be of similar hue to the walls.In this case, the curtains should be either darker or lighter than the walls, so that the room is not merged in one color.
  3. products for the bedroom may be chosen in the same style and color to the headboard.In this case, you can choose any fabric curtains the color of the head, or to make it out of the same fabric as the curtains.
  4. curtains and bedspreads for bedrooms can be executed in shades of the same color, changing only its degree of saturation.Here difficulties may arise from the fact that the tissue under the light can change color.

following the advice

choosing the coloring and texture of the fabric, remember some moments.

- color can affect the visual perception of the room: bright and cool colors make the room more warm and dark - less.

- cool colors make the bedroom cooler and warmer, on the contrary, warmer.

- If the walls are drawing the curtains for the bedroom should be solid, and vice versa.

- size pattern on the curtains and bedspreads should be in harmony with the overall design of the room.That is, if the bedroom is small, it is not necessary to use a large picture, and the big - too small.

- From the color of the curtains depends largely on the mood of the entire room, for example, yellow, orange or red invigorate and cool colors (blue, green, blue) relax.Golden mid considered pastels.

curtains and bedspreads for bedrooms are needed not only for decorative function.They regulate the lighting by which the dream becomes a pleasant and relaxing.Moreover, with their help, privacy is achieved as the room will be closed from view from the street.Because of the dense layer of curtains, it is possible to protect the premises from noise, sun and cold.In any case, choose these items for your bedroom should be properly because of this depends largely on the extent to which you will be pleased to be there.