French Bedrooms: beautiful ideas

French style interior is considered one of the best, and every year it gets more and more popular.Very often it is recreated in the interior bedroom.Beautiful decorative style elements especially like romantic nature.This style was born from a combination of Baroque, Rococo and Empire.It is from the French Empire style stucco passed.The French style is designed for spacious rooms with high ceilings.This design is suitable for those who want to arrange a bedroom in a romantic spirit.From the decor to be very appropriate various antiques.

now sold in stores decor excellent imitation antiques, which can be beautifully decorate the room.To fully recreate the atmosphere of the French style, it is important to pay attention to detail.Curtains should be with lambrequins.It will look good drape.As for the windows, the style does not accept dusk, so the windows have to be large, the room seemed to light, as if filled with air.Also unacceptable contrast colors.The whole room is to be sustained in pastel colors.

This is a mandatory rule to create a bedroom.Beautiful stuff, with its own special history, is the best fit to the situation and underline the spirit of France.

There are many designs in the French style bedroom.Beautiful, full of romantic interiors draw simple lines and unsurpassed charm.With regard to the finishes, there are preferred pink, green, white, lilac color.The special spirit of Provence Room acquire if the walls to choose wallpaper patterned calico.What is particularly interesting in this style, it's an expensive textiles and at the same time simple forms of furniture.The French consider riding in bad taste to do a house unduly pompous.The French interior is harmoniously combined road textile curtains and simple natural materials such as cotton, linen and satin, which are made of pillows.Without performing rustic pillows can not do beautiful interiors bedrooms.Photo finishes with a floral pattern captivates with its simplicity and originality.

Of course, the most important element of bedrooms - nice bed.Most preferably a metal bed with elements of forging, but very simple in design.It is decorated with decorative pillows and bed linen - embroidered.Over the bed canopy can be done.This will give a special charm of true French room, the atmosphere will seem more mysterious.Furniture in the style of Provence sustained in natural colors: lavender, white, olive, sand.The best option would be to solid wood furniture, made antique, but now a lot of great imitations of wood chipboard.If the furniture is made in dark colors, the rest of the interior of the room should be bright.Most importantly, the colors of the furniture, walls and textiles are well combined.To visually increase the height of the room using a trick: paint the ceiling in a light color, slightly darker than the walls, and the floor compared to the color of the walls should be even darker.French designers know how to create the most beautiful bedrooms that simplicity and elegance to conquer the whole world today.