Embodies the ideas for the garden and garden with his own hands

We are all proud owners of a small plot of land with a proud name "Dacha".And it is here we come not only to water, weed and harvest, but also to relax.And it needs to on it was not just the beds.Spending "unspecified" amount for decoration do not want and do not need.Many of the ideas for the garden and the garden with his own hands is quite feasible.A material can be found around so much, which is not carried out.So Stored imagination - and forward to the creation of his paradise.

bit of life

In Europe, summer cottage or garden plot is not considered as a place that can bring the harvest.It is used only "for the soul."Ask: "Where is the benefit?" The aesthetic pleasure!

Beautiful house for paradise garden

So, if we consider the ideas for the garden and the garden, which put the photo in every magazine, you should start with the registration of the house itself.It does not matter whether you live there or not.To work need a waterproof paint the most vivid colors, furniture polish and a l

ittle imagination.Shutters house can be turned into a real masterpiece of art.Especially if before coloring to make them carved.And if you bring children to this creative process, you can get a house from a fairy tale come to life on the walls of which heroes and numerous works of fantasy.The sill with a street side can attach flower boxes, and on the walls to let eel or decorative grapes.The effect is not only to impress others but you.House of fairy tales ready!Ideas for the garden and garden with his own hands to bring to life quite easily.They are so diverse that you can not just turn a house into a fairy tale, but the entire area completely.

Decorate site

What about the site itself?Is leave it at that?Well, I do not.There are crafts for garden and the garden, which you can do yourself.Take the plastic bottles, old tires and churochki from dried and felled trees, paint, varnish and proceed.Ideas for the garden and garden with his own hands because so popular that do not require anything except boundless imagination and perseverance.

So, from old tires can create beautiful swans, paint them, and inside the plant flowers.Original and unusual bed is ready.From churochek and twigs can create quite nice fellows or small animals.They occupy a worthy place in your garden.From bottles that it's time to throw away, you can make and flowers, and even a huge peacock.For many years he will adorn the garden.So we turn on the imagination and start creating.More

few ideas

Want to have a body of water in the country?Please.We need a small tub or barrel, which is digged in the earth, pebbles, sand and plants that live in your pond.Capacity buried in the soil decorate.At the bottom we pour sand and gravel and pour the water.Plants are planted.Well, that's it - the pond is ready.Just remember that the water in it should be changed as often as possible, and in the summer, and even add it.By the way, a pair of swans at the pond will look very organic.

plot is made entirely in rustic style and all kinds of slides, ponds and figurines feel out of place?Then the perfect solution would be the fence.It is very functional - you can isolate themselves from their neighbors or protect children's playground.And besides, pretty color and give a touch of Sadiq hateful simplicity and elegance.

This is only the smallest ideas for garden and garden, the hands that we can decorate the whole year.It is only necessary to decide what you want to include fantasy.I wish you success!