Decorative stones in interior - fresh and original solution

few years ago decorative stone found only in the facades and basements.Today, the stone is becoming increasingly popular in the interiors of rooms.Demand for said material due to the fact that the room was not only takes on a new look, but also a special utility.Given that eco-friendly stone, durable, lightweight and has a rich color palette range of its use is quite wide.Decorative stones in any room will look unusual and very organic.

Stone in the kitchen finishing

Kitchen - this is the room in the house, in which we meet at least twice a day.And every woman is holding almost most of their time.So, it must be not only modern, but also beautiful.And decorative stones in the interior of the kitchen will make it even more comfortable and original.Stone is a perfect option for the division of space into zones.So taking out a wall in the working area kitchen artificial stone, you are creating a kind of apron, which is much easier to clean and does not lose its original appearance for many years.A selec

tion area in the living room large kitchen make it an island of comfort and warmth for joint family evenings.And able to finish option when finished with artificial stone the whole working area, then all the items of kitchen furniture as if embedded in a monolithic rock.Here the main thing - do not overdo it, as you will get the opposite effect.Instead of a warm and unusual interior, you can create a gloomy cavern, which will be very hard.Where here to relax and have a cup of coffee?

Stone decoration in the interior of the living room

living in the house - this is the place where most of the guests are going to, and indeed all who glance at the light.Because it is important that here was comfortable and beautiful.Indeed, so eager to show your home at its best.And decorative stones in the interior of the living room are simply irreplaceable.They perfectly fit into any style of your room.So, in a minimalist style stone can be finished only one wall, but the floor to ceiling.This option does not make pretentious interior, but adds appeal.That's just a picture on the wall is better not to hang up, so as not to clutter up the composition.It is, however, to add a little light to highlight this particular stone hulk.Even for uneven walls decorative stone is fine.The main thing is to choose the right color palette, to avoid unnecessary heaviness.For the living room, country-style interior trim with decorative stone should be minimal.You can, for example, to issue a fireplace.But you need to have a certain sense of style, otherwise you can get the effect of a medieval castle - cold and uncomfortable.Decorative stones look great in the interior of the living room in the form of a composition.For example, you can decorate a fireplace, adjacent shops and part of the walls.This will not create disharmony with the rest, a modern decor of the room, rather, on the contrary, it will add its own flavor.

Decorative stones in the interior of a bedroom

you think that in the design of the bedroom stone inappropriate?You are greatly mistaken.Stone is able to bring into the kingdom of Morpheus is a touch of nobility and elegance.For example, in the bedroom, equipped in the classical style, it will look pretty interesting wall, built of stone.A contrasting hue considered building material add personality around the design of the room.Luxurious bedroom in the Baroque style a great addition that brings a touch of modernity, will stonework for bedside tables.It will dilute the mannered and pompous design with its simplicity and originality.

As you can see, decorative stones in the interior of any room look quite noble, original and refined.