Classic style in the interior of the living room is always relevant

true classic will live forever.It's a style that many understand and accept.There is no place for randomness and disorder.Premises, made in the style of classics, some inherent prim elegance.Classic style in the interior of the living room speaks impeccable taste of the owner and his well-being.This style can not be played, to limit the minimum cost.He loves luxury: an expensive, high-quality finish, high-quality furniture made of precious wood, exquisite textiles.

However, in the classic style of interior room can be modified in some way depending on the disposition and status of the owner of the room.For example, a senior official of the interior of the living room is a monumental, with good quality and heavy furniture.The living person of such rank and status must be representative and respectable.A middle manager formalize their living room in a modern classic style, using dark, almost black furniture and comfortable sofas.But in any case, the existing rules, which define the interior design in th

is style, has not been canceled.If you want to make your living room a touch of recklessness, then you have to select a different style.

If you have decided on their own to design a classical interior, you have to remember that, despite all the splendor and luxury of the room should be comfortable, because you make out the living room, not the palace for the reception of officials.

Classic style in the interior of the living room is to use quiet pastel shades: gray, blue, beige, brown, the color of melted milk.Less frequently used light pinkish or greenish tinge.One can use a golden color, but in minor amounts.

interior room in the classical style is presentable and good-quality furniture.Ideally suited for this style of secretaries, bureaus, cupboards made of oak, beech, pine or cherry.Such furniture is rich and expressive texture and matching colors.There should be no room screaming and bright shades, everything has to be restrained and noble.But this does not mean that the living should not even be bright accents.You can choose a luxury upholstery of sofas and armchairs or complex, with drapes, curtains.Center of the composition can become an antique coffee table.

As should be lit living room in the classical style?The interior of this style should be well lit naturally.In the evening, the room looks better when illuminated with multi-tiered crystal chandelier hanging elements.Do not be redundant exquisite candle on the sideboard, and secretary, who will add a bit of romance discreet and austere interior.

choosing flooring, it is necessary to prefer marble or parquet.Classic style in the interior of the living room is to use for flooring and natural stone.However, we must remember that such coverage would be appropriate in the bright and spacious rooms and is not suitable for a small room.

Classic style in the interior looks great, but requires significant material investments, so before repairing analyze their financial capabilities.