Comfortable living in a modern style

table with steaming coffee, a cozy sofa, TV successfully built, calm flowing color in your own living room to have a family vacation or meeting with friends.The design of the room determines how comfortable we feel myself in it.Living in a modern style includes several variations of different styles.But they have some general principles.

principles of modern design

color.The main task - to choose a color, the color of the walls is harmoniously combined with furniture and accessories.The colors are chosen so that all seems to be one of the compositions and complement each other.

furniture.The main rule - a minimum of furniture.Part of the furniture can be easily hidden, and the other performs several functions.Living in a modern style, spacious and not give the impression cluttered.

Lighting.Welcome large windows.As additional lighting used multiple illumination options: obligatory base color, hidden or wall lights.

materials.The interior of the living room in a modern style involves the use of

natural materials.For furniture used chipboard, MDF coated with a reliable, natural and synthetic cloth and skin.Particular preference is given to high-strength glass and metal.

Variations modern style


Living in a modern high-tech style - it's elegant simplicity and high technology.Even if you have a small living room, this style involves a free space with a minimum of furniture and accessories.Furniture is selected from glass, metal and plastic, the correct form with right angles, furniture - solid color.Basic color - gray or white, with the addition of bright colors: red, orange, green or black.Particular emphasis is placed on silver and metallic shades.


Modern style modernism - this is a great space and natural beauty.All pastel colors are delicately combined with flashy colors, blends harmoniously into the overall design of the living room.It looks beautiful walls, soaked in gray-smoky, gray-blue, gray tone, and as a contrast - blue or red curtains.

Living in a modern classic elegant Art Nouveau.Furniture Add ornaments and beautiful accessories.The legs of tables and chairs in a curved shaped forms, upholstery for upholstered furniture with interesting color schemes and designs.Welcome from a mirrored finish and gilded glass.If you choose to design the ceiling convex shape in the form of geometric shapes, openwork panels and cornices, the floors, preferably with the help of relaxing lay parquet or floorboard.


Designed in a minimalist style is laconic, expressive and clear.The emphasis is on the modeling of space and variation with light.Number of furniture is reduced to a minimum - only the most necessary.

Lighting should be everywhere and largely invisible as the highlights: the floor lights on the ceiling, the walls, sliding partitions and doors with frosted glass, light transmitting.If you choose lamps, they must integrate harmoniously into the interior, to be less noticeable.

The dominant color - neutral.Allowed a lot of white, black or gray diluted shades.This harmony of contrasting colors represents living in a modern classical style.

Living in a modern style give a huge space for creativity.Making the one hand, is reduced to a strict formalism, but on the other - every single thing you can do to individual decor.