Disposition of a private house

In this article we will give advice and tips for designers that need to be taken into account in such work as planning a private house.The architectural plan of the residential buildings - is first and foremost information on the size of the building, living rooms and outbuildings, their relationship with each other.This is meant by the term "internal layout of a private house", the characteristics of which depend on the operational and functional properties of the housing.Using the space of the room in full raises the so-called quality housing.

room functions

Certainly, the future owners themselves determine what will be the layout of the private house and its functional zoning.In general, all the rooms can be divided into several groups and highlight two of them major: the room night and day use.For example, a living room, dining room and kitchen - a room daily use, as they tenants, mostly staying in the daytime.Therefore, these premises better placed on the ground floor of the south, south-west o

r south-east - in these areas more than natural light.

to the premises of the night to use include bedrooms, bathrooms and a cloakroom.They are called private room.These rooms are not recommended to place on the sunny side.An exception is the bedroom is better to natural sunlight hits in the morning.When planning a private home requires more than a number of floors, the rooms have a better sleeping area on the upper floors.And if the house floor, then the far side.

rank wishes

Redevelopment private home or building a new always starts with the acquaintance of the architect with the wishes of customers.This will give a lot of information for further work, as well as help determine the overall style of the future building.Then the task of the architect - compositionally and functionally linked to each other all the rooms, well-organized space, determine the amount of coverage and so on.Many are taken to carry out this work yourself, but it's a big mistake.The architect will tell you how to change the permissible window or wall openings without breaking the structure and the general composition of the building, where you can increase the burden on the walls, and where did abandon them.

Moving inside the house

Layout and general layout of a private home is determined as will be moving within the housing.This plays an important role, which is the entrance to the house.Default private rooms are located away from the front group and the place of heavy traffic.Very often visually unite the hallway with space living room or hall.

For modern homes characterized by large open spaces and prosmatrivaemost and uncluttered designs.If you wish to limit the space can be visually using movable structures or furniture.Also, it will regularly update your decor.

As you can see, the layout of a private house - it is very serious and requires knowledge of not only the fundamentals of art design facilities, but also knowledge of the basics of engineering and architecture.