Interior doors in the style of kitsch in the interior and the cost of such a professional design

to the interior was at a height, you need to attach to this a lot of effort.If you have the skills to design and you have a taste, there is a chance that you have created an interior, meet your desires.

But professional design apartments still be left to professionals.After all, you see, it would be a shame if, having spent a considerable sum of money on materials, killing a lot of time and effort, you will be very unhappy with the work done.

Many people are interested in this question, first of all, cost .This is a hard question, because prices are formed on the basis of the set parameters.In this article we will try to deal with this problem.

First of all, you should decide whether you need an overhaul with replacement of plumbing, electrical wiring, replacement of floor, doors and other large-scale works.After all, sometimes, demolition or moving walls or communications "eat" the lion's share of the budget.If you decide to do without a global change, the cost work professionals significant

ly decreased.

Lately it has become fashionable to create original interiors.In this regard, we began to create new styles and old - to improve.Just having a sort of mixes that can combine several directions.Sometimes looks strange mixture of styles, and causes many disputes and misunderstandings.

One of the most unusual designs is kitsch .Translated from the German word "Kitsch" means "bad taste" and "confusion". kitsch interior combines incongruous styles, what is the absolute imbalance.

Style aims to tear down all the established rules, he seems to be mocking the art and aesthetics, making the interior disharmony, dilute consumer goods and causing expensive accessories.There are no rules, aggressive rejection and chaos - the only thing that should be present in this kind of design.

Take, for example, the door. style kitsch interior and interior doors it can be of any kind.The door is made of solid glass, bright plastic with chrome fittings and wooden handles with canvas-lions, the main thing that it attracts attention.It is important that the door looked impressive and bright.The cost of materials and fittings did not matter.It can be an economy version, which will be painted with colored dyes or the door of a rare wood that adorned bronze fittings. Doors can buy ready-yl make to order, or - on their own.Take your existing material, providing it with exclusive decor and causing the door, draws the eye to be ready.

kitsch interior is characterized by a set of simple decoration: a variety of pictures, toys, souvenirs, statuettes should be in abundance.Carpets and wipes also have a place to be in fairly large quantities.

Despite the bad taste, kitsch like how serious rich, and the younger generation.But there are some differences.If the youth hostels, the style is expressed in a mixture of romanticism and cheap trinkets, the room tycoon will shine expensive accessories, pictures and furniture stylish luxury.Another category of people - creative people, they are very fond of this style that gives them energy and inspiration to create.

style kitsch interior and interior doors in it are the epitome of luxury and causing disharmony.After selecting the style, you will never be bored in the house with the original design.