Options for planning small kitchens

owners of small apartments have to use various tricks to create for yourself the most comfortable living conditions.You do not want to sacrifice beauty for the sake of functionality.Particularly acute, this problem arises when thinking plan kitchens.Whatever may be tiny room, it is necessary to find a place for a variety of things, ranging from home appliances and finishing the dishes.Pondering the placement of furniture, pay attention to detail.This will attach to the case, even the most modest piece of space.

To make it easier to manipulate square centimeters, divide the room into zones kitchen.The first area concerns the workplace.This includes everything associated with cooking.In the health area, we have a sink for washing food and dishes, as well as a container for waste.For a meal is given a separate area.

Plans small kitchens solve one, but very important task - to make the access to each area as convenient as possible.Moving from the workstation to the sink and then to the table should not

cause difficulties.Typically, in the course are two proven scheme: angular and U-shaped.

Corner planning small kitchens is so called because the nodal point is the sanitary zone, which is located just in the corner.From it in one direction followed by the lockers, and in another - kitchen appliances.It turns out some similarities with the letter "G".

Possessing a free area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 8 square meters, you can try to implement the U-shaped alignment.This option involves the distribution of furniture and home appliances along three walls.The distance between the opposing panels must be at least one and a half meters.

next trick planning small kitchens is the use of non-standard furniture.For example, the tables are made slightly narrower usual 60 centimeters.Many people think that suffers capacity.In fact, this furniture makes you wonder about the usefulness of certain things, preventing rubbish.

A similar approach can be applied when choosing kitchen appliances.Get rid of large models, it is better to invest in a modern compact devices having versatility.

Plans small kitchens require original thinking.Discard the standard things.If you want a table, then he will be folding or folding when one side is attached to the wall and can be folded to save space.The surface of the sill completely replace the countertop, you only need it to increase and strengthen.Radiator remove stead to cope with space heating "warm" floor.

avoid mistakes in the regeneration of a detailed layout plan to help small kitchens.It says it all: where will be located a sink, cooktop, in what direction will open the door cabinets.Actively use different swivel and pull-out elements in the furniture, light hanging shelves, hanging lockers.

Inspired rational side of things, do not forget about the "appearance" of the room.Light colors tech materials, metal racks - these details make the interior light, visually expand the space, eliminating the feeling of tightness.