Design of curtains in the kitchen: the nuances of successful selection

Kitchen - especially visited the house.Moreover, the kitchen area has long gone beyond the basic purpose - cooking zone.People here not only dine, but also to communicate with family members, have a rest, work.For this reason, to interior design and selection of its components fit with the utmost care.Since the kitchen may not be unnecessary things, all equally important for the creation of a unique atmosphere - and the furniture and curtains.It
curtains can radically change the entire look of any, including the kitchen, the room.

choosing curtains in the kitchen design should take into account the many nuances:

  1. fabric.She was originally selected and must meet the following basic requirements: shape retention, ease of care and color stability.Kitchen curtains in the ground and from a practical point of view are selected from artificial or synthetic material.But if you still preferred natural textile, choose only the material that contains a solid impregnation.Thanks to her curtains are not afrai
    d of frequent washing, which will implement the boldest idea.
  2. invoice.The sale represented a huge range of fabrics with different texture (smooth, rough, non-uniform, homogeneous, rarefied, dense, shiny or matte).At the same time, the design of the kitchen curtains should consider the combination of textures with the interior.
  3. color.It manages all the interior.Designers recommend choosing lighter shade curtains.In particular, this rule applies to small kitchens housewives as bright tone visually enhances the space, and kitchen interior becomes even more homey and warm.Heavy with dark curtains block the air and light that can break any successful atmosphere.Like curtains with a pattern or ornament?Then it must be close.This newfangled design curtains 2013 will bring to the kitchen area freshness, light and comfort.
  4. length.Efficient use of a shortened version of the curtains, even in the kitchen of a large size.This is doubly beneficial: outdoor sill and beautiful window.

addition to the above, consider the possible design of curtains (photo kitchen are present in the material).Suit the following options:

  1. Pelmets.These curtains are very popular and there are different variations.Have Curtain tape on swags allows you to create different types of folds.
  2. Blinds.In this fashion trend has another name - fabric blinds.Due to the hard edges of the curtains wonderful retain their shape.And thanks to a special impregnation of fabric blinds repel dust.
  3. Japanese curtains.Rolls back window curtains can be made completely from any tissue.They are mounted on aluminum rails-rails.Design of curtains in the kitchen in the Japanese style is very fashionable, practical.
  4. French curtains.They stand out for their richly draped folds.Curtains are recommended for combined facilities, as they may reduce the space visually.
  5. Roman blinds.This is a stylish and practical curtains, which is height adjustable and is analogous to the blinds.
  6. Window curtain eyelets on.Curtains design kitchen and assumes the use of metal rings located at the upper edge of the product.Thanks eyelets are uniform folds.
  7. Austrian blinds.They embody two styles: French and Roman.Sew curtains are made of linen, cotton and blended materials.

Thus, the presence of these types of curtains for the kitchen opens up excellent prospects for the establishment of a beautiful interior.Try the tips while selecting kitchen curtains.And then your kitchen will be transformed right before your eyes!