Kitchen for narrow kitchens: an occasion to show imagination

Narrow kitchen (picture shown below) - the trouble is not only the old buildings, but also many modern buildings.Make a room at the same time comfortable and functional - not a simple matter.The easiest but expensive way to pick up the furniture for the room, reminiscent of the car, is to invite the designer.It will help to create a layout of the interior, to find the right furniture.However, this solution is not everyone can afford.Therefore, we will act on its own.

Kitchen for a narrow kitchen: to help increase the space

Most often narrow rooms converted into a kitchen-living room, removing the wall separating it from the living room.If such an opportunity (or desire) No, you can visually enlarge the space, adhering to certain rules:

  • Design narrow kitchen (see photo. Above) does not accept the dark colors.Light floors, pastel walls, almost invisible light shade and glass furniture, or even visually expand the space, make it light and airy.
  • Kitchen for a narrow kitchen, too, should be light.F
    urniture in any case not massive and very light to help create a sense of spaciousness.In this room look great mirrored cabinet fronts, transparent glass doors and shelves.Each piece should be as functional.Cutting table can be equipped with a retractable dining table top, place the hood on the bottom of the cabinet, etc.
  • divide the space into zones to help the skillful combination of colors.For example, the area of ​​the cooking can be arranged in a bright (but not screaming) colors: coffee, pink, blue, and dining space make a beige, fawn, etc.
  • Kitchen for a narrow kitchen is usually made to order.Today, however, in large DIY stores you can buy a set of parts and assemble furniture with his own hands.In this case, stools or sofas can be both lockers for storing dishes and wall cabinets will be placed where there is space for them: over a sink, refrigerator, etc.
  • At arrangement of the narrow space necessarily recommended for a maximum use of the space adjacent to the window.If a little to expand the window sill, it will house electrical or microwave.Sill also be a cutting table, and under it there is definitely a place for everything locker.By the way, in Soviet times, such weatherstrip cabinet was practically in every apartment.There were no curtains on the window: they are very much "eat" space.Suitable light blinds, Japanese curtains.

Kitchen for narrow kitchens: another trick

optically expand the room will help correct lighting.Difficult lighting circuit arranged to divide the space into zones.They can be illuminated simultaneously or separately, and it will undoubtedly create the illusion of a large space.Complex lighting can be brighter if properly decorate the kitchen ceiling.The best option - to make it a mirror.Of course, this ceiling will require more care.But to keep it in the room will appear several times more.The narrow kitchen - it does not matter, and an occasion to show your imagination and ingenuity.