Style chalet in the interior: the romance of simplicity

chalet style in the interior and architecture has an unusual history.Initially they called houses of shepherds, lined up in the mountains.They were simple layout and building materials, but the amazing reliability and comfort.In addition, the low, sloping roof with home fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape.It is not surprising that over time they were considered romantic havens and modern ski resorts offer accommodation to tourists in such houses.

chalet style in the interior and architecture

What is the chalet?This low but spacious home, built by exclusively from natural materials.The roof of the squat-looking houses are very sloping, gable, much hangs on the walls, and far beyond them serving.It protects the wall of the house from rain and snow, strong wind frost.Typically, such a roof is covered with shingles: no artificial materials chalet style rejects.
Chalet is not evident: it is an extension of the landscape, naturally fitting into it.Style chalet in the interior can be briefly d

escribed with these words: rustic simplicity, reliability, comfort.If we consider the details, the interior design of the chalet-style characterized by the following details:

• rough, solid, but very cozy and comfortable furniture, necessarily natural, scented forest tree.

• Complete absence of modern materials.Chalet - it's just stone and wood.

• simple, deliberately rustic, carefully handmade decor.Its main theme: mountain pine thickets, mountain flowers, animals.

• The colorful bedspreads in patchwork style, the same colorful, often hand-knitted cloth and wool capes.

• Chalet style interior includes animal skins on the floor with a mountain landscape watercolors on the walls, unpainted, specially aged floors from natural planks.

• Kitchen Chalet - a rough wooden shelves, the abundance of pottery, a huge stove, tiled.The tiles are sometimes specially sostarivayut, split: the older the house seems, the more interesting it is for others.

• Interior chalet-style (photo) - a basic gray color combined with bleached wood and pastel shades of the walls, textured plaster, massive wooden fixtures.

• highlight to give the home rough and massive beams.Their absence can be compensated for sheathing ceiling with natural wood or stone to put it.It is important that the steps, if they are in the building, doors and other parts in harmony with the ceiling.

• Chalet appropriate antlers on the walls, hunting accessories, stuffed animals, tapestries, and other household items, carrying the inhabitants of a few centuries ago.

most important attraction of the interior in the style of a chalet fireplace.Huge, real, with live fire, it is the center of the composition, which are grouped around other parts of the interior.Of course, in modern homes often install gas fireplaces: they are more convenient and safer.However, they do not give this aroma of burning wood, the heat of live fire, as the wood structure.That is why in suburban homes with all the amenities of comfort and romance lovers continue to set the old fireplaces, which are fueled by wood.