Superb bedroom in the style of minimalism

bedroom in the style of minimalism as air is needed for people whose work is connected with access to vast amounts of information and are in need of rest and complete relaxation.Why choose this style?

bedroom in a minimalist style - a room in which there is absolutely nothing more - only free area, a lot of bright light and air.This is the main principle of this style.In the bedroom you need a bed, a wardrobe, a small table, several shelves.The furniture in the bedroom should not be very high, regular shape, with a smooth and shiny surface.It is desirable that the cabinet was built and had a glass or mirrored doors.Shelves are to be made of glass or metal.

If your bedroom is designed not only for sleeping, but also for work, you will need special furniture.Usually it is necessary to install the computer and the television.Naturally, it must be a table in a minimalist style for the computer.Wires and all components of the machine should be hidden.TV is conveniently located on the wall.

If you need to zone the room, it is best done with a mirror screens.Bedroom in a minimalist style should be issued only high quality materials.

most commonly used chromium, aluminum, glass, steel, plastic, natural tree.Most importantly, in the interior of the bedroom to save space and ease.The color scheme in this case plays a role.For the style of minimalism are considered to be basic white, black and gray.This style does not tolerate bright colors.

bedroom in the style of minimalism have to be light-colored.Ideal to use textured plaster or wallpaper completely smooth.The flooring should be light, suitable flooring.

direct antithesis of minimalism is a bedroom in the English style.This is luxury and sophistication.The main emphasis is given to a bedroom bed.It must be very large, with luxurious four-poster bed.The bed headboard is usually located to the window.Nearby is a chest of drawers on carved legs.The room must be a round table with a long tablecloth, two bedside tables, lamps, reminiscent of vintage chandeliers.

Another example of the bedroom, it is the opposite of minimalism - Baroque.Immediately it should be noted that such a more appropriate room in the palace, but also invested in a city apartment, it will allow everyone to feel like an aristocrat.

bedroom in the Baroque style - a room saturated with details, shapes, colors.This refinement, reaching to effeminacy.This style is for those who dream of living in the time of kings, grand intrigue and adultery.However, in our time, to reproduce it accurately is very difficult because of the high cost of necessary materials with which to create a true Baroque style, not a pastiche.Dimensions modern apartments are far from the palace.The bedroom in the Baroque style - a refined light-wood furniture with smooth, curved shapes and carved patterns.In addition, it must be multi-layered heavy curtains of velvet with gold cords and lambrikenom.Walls can be designed silk-screen printed wallpapers.