Living room with open kitchen - Draft picks

In recent years, one of the most popular design techniques to increase the space of the apartment is a combination living room and kitchen.Sometimes such alterations are not caused by the desire to expand the space and attracts customers aesthetic and functional advantages.

Let's look at the pros and cons of such redevelopment.

the West is considered the norm, when a living room with open kitchen.It is believed that food should be eaten where it was prepared.The Russian room apartments are not available, and the food is often so tiny that hardly perform their functions for cooking.That is why today many residents "Khrushchev" seek to combine the kitchen with one of their rooms.In older homes do it harder, because the walls are carrying them, therefore, not possible alterations.

When living room with open kitchen, to the owners of the apartments are facing a number of significant shortcomings redevelopment.One is the odor.It should be noted that even with the excellent ventilation system and good d

rawing, to get rid of aromas from the kitchen will not succeed.Well, if it's the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and if the apartment filled with the scent of oil and overcooked onions?If

living room with open kitchen, many housewives say another drawback - cleaning.Usually living daily cleaning is to ensure to clean the carpet, dust off, wipe the floor.The kitchen, which is operated much more intense and requires more careful care.

These two premises are functionally different, so living room with kitchenette (photo allows you to see it) - the room is rather complicated.Living implies a soft carpet, a comfortable sofa and a maximum of comfort, while the kitchen needs in a functional furniture, besides the desired floor tiles.

Despite the seemingly obvious contradictions in the matter of such redevelopment, there are all new and new design projects.Kitchen combined with living room, has obvious advantages.And the most important of them - increase in space.In this we support the owners of tiny apartments.If

living room with open kitchen, which allows more convenient to receive guests.In addition, the total family dinner will already be easy to arrange.If usually at family celebrations hostess has to run a lot of living room to the kitchen, then the combined version, everything happens without much bustle and hustle.

As a rule, a woman spends a lot of time in the kitchen while cooking, virtually cut off from their loved ones who are waiting for dinner in the living room.By combining these rooms can be combined their domestic responsibilities and communication with loved ones.

So, you have learned that living room with kitchen, has indisputable advantages, and disadvantages are obvious.Whether it is necessary to carry out such alterations - to you.But if there were more pros than cons, do not waste your time and start to repair.

I would like to recommend to you - do not spare the money, contact an experienced designer.Believe me, his advice and recommendations will be worth the money.