Cornice for bay - types and benefits

bay rails every day are becoming increasingly popular.And no wonder, because today is not only new homes are settling these architectural elements, but in the remake of the old windows for the same form of "flashlight".If before these windows often decorated private cottages and homes, but now they flaunt and administrative buildings.

This trend is quite easy to explain - with the interior design solution looks much more elegant, and the room itself becomes more spacious.

bay windows have become quite an interesting design solution, which allowed to move from the boring rectangular openings.At the same time, they require a special approach in the design of the room, or to achieve harmony and beauty fail.Here in this case and need for bay window curtain.The problem is that such a cornice made strictly individually after precise measurements of the window.The slightest mistake - and all efforts will go down the drain.

Types eaves

What are the kinds of curtain rods for the bay window?Today the

most common round, profile and strings.They differ among themselves only configuration that is completely dependent on the type and shape of a bay window.Let us consider each option separately.

Cornice profile for bay

Overall, this is a normal straight eaves, he is not only one element of the profile, and of several interconnected.

complexity of this design is that should be clearly CUT VERY angles pipes, and the maximum distance at which they are fastened together.Only full compliance with these conditions will help the whole mechanism works exactly as runners "walk" across the surface without problems.

Drapery ceiling bay windows - a kind of profile models with no fastening to the wall and to the ceiling.But to use the ceiling mount can be used only if the configuration of the bay allows it.Otherwise, in order to avoid some inconvenience when you change the style of the interior is used to assemble with the wall with brackets.

round cornice for bay

The basis of this design are small pieces of rods, which are fastened to each other by means of special elements.Installation of such products is preferable wall, because it is in many ways easier to work mechanism razdvizheniya curtains.

True, this cornice has a significant disadvantage - the curtain will move freely in the direct segment, and further its progress becomes impossible.But this problem can be resolved by means of an open circle.If you want the window to be fully opened, it is necessary to resort to such original design decisions.

String cornice for bay

No less popular and considered a string model for processing bay.It is more compact and ideal interior is decorated in a minimalist style and high-tech style.

In mounting this most simple cornice.The string is attached to the wall using brackets, however, it stretches as in round mounting eaves, obtained broken.

Usually string cornice look great light, weightless fabric.They seemed to hang in the air, and the sun's rays is nothing stopping to look into the room and create a whimsical drawings on the walls.

It is worth noting that this element is used not only for finishing the bay, but also for mounting canopy beds or registration screens.And in this case are simply indispensable for a flexible curtain bay window.Such designs are not afraid of obstacles in the form of batteries or air conditioner - it simply will round it.And whether it is running out of aluminum, which is quite soft, but at the same time durable.Its shape may be corrected already during mounting.

Therefore, if your apartment has a bay window, you should consider how to turn the room into a fairy tale.A bay window ledge to be one of its elements.