German wallpaper As Creation - a bright accent in the interior

most popular "clothing" for the walls - wallpaper.And, if earlier there was little choice, now a rich range of materials and colors can lead buyer, who is trying to carry out their own repairs in the apartment, confused.However, searching for a suitable material for the interior, of course, everyone will be interested in buying high quality goods.Help to find the style produced by the German company AS Creation wallpaper that evaluated the whole of Europe.

German company was founded in 1974.It offers its customers a wide choice of high quality wallpapers.For example, from the duplex paper embossed, foamed vinyl.Very impressive structural wallpapers, screen printing.They are produced on the basis of non-woven or paper.Products German company meet the quality standards that apply in Europe: wall coverings are durable.Non-woven environmentally friendly, the sun does not burn and does not emit toxic substances.An additional advantage enjoyed wallpaper AS Creation - they are "breathing", easily permeable

to water vapor and air.The specialists of the company continue to improve production technology, expanding its product range.He is so varied that the wallpaper can be used not only for interior wall design.Available special ceiling coverings before painting.

considered most famous wall paper wallpaper with embossed relief pattern.For their manufacture used paper elite varieties, produced in Belgium, Germany and France.Because it is more dense than ordinary paper, wallpaper AS Creation possess strength and resistance to wear.Therefore, to break them by accident when pasting the walls or ceiling is quite difficult.The German company also produces a special glue for wallpaper.

decorated room, you can safely use embossed wallpaper.They can not only decorate the room, but also to conceal the defects of the walls.The wealth of choice offered by the German company can satisfy all tastes.In the development of coating samples companies involved internationally renowned designers and artists: Doritts Sander, Karl Lagerfeld, Luigi Colani.Will look great wallpaper As Creation in the living room, you can find the right colors for the kitchen, nursery decorating, decorate a room.Their diversity is impressive.Wall coverings in ancient style in the living room create an atmosphere ageless retro kitchen will look fresh and elegant with floral wallpaper themes, and the strict geometric design will fit well into the design of the cabinet.

German wallpaper AS Creation meet the most stringent standards, evidenced by their assigned quality mark RAL.It is assigned on the basis of examinations, which carries the German Institute for quality control and labeling.Beautiful and practical wallpaper can be regarded as a benchmark in its field.

any visitor online store will delight in the wallpaper AS Creation, swatch.Their palette has about four thousand colors.Each buyer will be able to choose the affordable wallpaper.