Redesign flat.

Work on the project redevelopment apartment - the process of multi-faceted and fascinating.However, many people think that everything is limited by the choice of material and finish sets.Others argue that all they have come quite harmoniously, if they follow only their own preferences.This is not true!

creating the plan, pay attention to the color matching.The interior of the small rooms you want to use colors that will transform the space to expand or narrow the example, is divided into zones or visually increase the ceiling height.

same spacious room, on the contrary, require dark colors and contrasting patterns that make it visually less.

Accents - another point that should be taken into account, selecting color schemes.The interior of your apartment, for example, has a catchy sofa from which you do not want to get rid of.Arrange the remaining space in soft pastel colors, thus emphasizing the importance of colorful pieces of furniture.

often highlighted in various zones.For example, kitchen-di

ning room, which is present in the design of this design technique, look very advantageous.

At first glance, all elementary, but this is only the beginning.When placing an apartment, consider some fundamental aspects.Firstly, not all colors can be combined and, secondly, some of the colors in the interior of the premises simply inappropriate.But let's talk about everything in order.

As for color combinations, then there will help us a pie chart, which simplifies the selection of colors.The interior of the living room are various options compatibility:

  • monophonic, ie the use of shades of the same color;
  • harmonious, which combines rich shades of adjacent color groups;
  • contrast;
  • opposite.

Now let's consider the allowable range of colors in the interior of the apartment.Some colors are not quite suitable for design projects of residential rooms for one simple reason - they cause negative, irritable and sometimes blatant aggression.Businesses are advised to avoid bright contrasting colors, and the more combinations thereof.

Take, for example, a combination of red and orange.This tandem will not allow you to relax and be encouraged to be active.A blue-green interior completely discourages appetite, so is not used to design kitchens.

most popular with decorators pastel colors.The interior of these shades look great and give a certain elegance and respectability room.

Kitchen ideal union of purple and cream, red and gray, as well as bold classic colors such as light gray and chocolate.

The bedroom will look harmonious compound of gray and blue, various shades of green and even emerald.

Hall can be performed in bezhevato-coffee tones - kind of atmosphere will allow you to relax after a hard day's work.

working on the design of your home, remember that colors in the interior - it is the main basis for design ideas that will embody your tastes and ideas.