Interior living room with kitchen: popular design solution

spacious kitchen with dining area, where you can collect all households at the family dinner - the dream of every housewife.However, modern apartments can not boast of impressive size and ample rooms.It is for the owners of small apartments designers offer an interesting solution - combine these two rooms.Interior living room with kitchen, makes it possible not only to increase the space of the room for guests, but also to get comfortable and multi-functional space for cooking.

One major advantage of this redesign is that instead of two tiny rooms you get one - bright and spacious.Properly Equipped interior of a living room with kitchen, has a family seating, holding ceremonial meetings with friends and dinner parties.Now, in order to prepare food, do not have to leave the guests alone.Also simplifies and tableware.You do not have to run out of the room to the kitchen for each dish.The kitchen can be combined, without interrupting the preparation of festive dishes, watch, by the way, for young child


However, such redevelopment, and has its drawbacks.Thus, by combining rooms you actually lose a single room and your apartment from the "kopeck piece" converted into a studio.If your apartment was originally one room, be prepared for the fact that the interior of a living room with kitchen, necessarily require the presence of a powerful extract.Otherwise, all the flavor of cooking food will be distributed throughout the room.Also, a combined living room need keep clean, which means you have to give up the carpets and curtains of light colors.Leave the dirty dishes in the sink at night, too, is unlikely to succeed.

design of the room, with kitchen, requires a full merger of the two spaces.This means that the two facilities should be in harmony if not, then complement each other.Organizing a competent interior kitchen-living room (located below the photo), the designers used a few options division of space and zoning premises.

Split Level floor

This technique allows you to hide unwanted communication and looks very impressive.However, it should be remembered that the difference in level height should not be more than 15 centimeters.


interior of a living room with a kitchen, where the role played by walls stand, suitable for young carefree people who often use their apartment for friendly parties.Reception can be attached to the wall portion, and a free-standing.

combination of finishing materials

Zonirovat room can be, combining a variety of floor coverings.For example, the kitchen area can be tiled, while the seating area suggests the finish laminate or carpet.

also delineate the room visually possible by means of translucent sliding doors or furniture.For example, it may be a large table with low hanging lights above him.

Before organizing the interior living room with kitchen and make alterations to the premises, you should contact the relevant authorities to get permission for the demolition of the whole or a fragment of the wall.This is done in order to inadvertently disassemble bearing wall of the building, which can lead to complete destruction.