Art Deco.

Art Deco - "Style Star", which first appeared in France in the twenties of the last century.Although he continued the tradition of Art Nouveau, it is very strongly felt the impact of modernism, cubism, as well as the cultural heritage of Africa and ancient Egypt.Art Deco colors borrowed from Art Nouveau and introduced into the style of constructivism.The most widespread in the United States, he received, especially in the pretentious Hollywood, which has been interpreted in a completely different idea of ​​glamor.The passion for archaic cultures, unconventional materials - this is all art deco concept which has not lost relevance in the present time.

Interior Art Deco is characterized by use of materials such as black ebony wood, leather zebra and other exotic animals, mother of pearl, ivory, precious stones, which are perfectly combined with aluminum and chrome steel and glass and concrete.The bold use of zigzag and stepped forms, wide dynamic lines, contrasting combinations of forms - all this a

rt-deco style.The style is so came to taste, that all modern ocean liners, cinemas, restaurants and hotels began to make out, adhering to it.Art Deco became a kind of psychological reaction to restraint and limitations during the First World War.The natural desire of people to get rid of all the boring, dull and ordinary reflected in this style.Translating into reality the dreams of luxury and wealth - the main feature of art deco.
Interior twenties and thirties of the last century was an unfinished composition of the expensive decor items: textiles, furniture, glass, ceramics and bronzes.Therefore, the situation at times resembled an art salon.However, Art Deco - a style that many came to taste, combining luxury and rationalism, geometric and simple lines became popular for decoration of private interiors and provoked the emergence of mass-produced furniture.It is decorated with geometric motifs and elements.Feet and armrests of chairs made up the curved line and decorated with copper or brass inserts.As a material for upholstery use expensive exotic crocodile, snake or a shark.Very popular in the design east ornament.In general, the art deco - style, creating an atmosphere of refinement and elegance, has bequeathed the works of art, not just household items.

After the growth of mass production began to gain momentum, this style is quietly began to fade.He began to be perceived as something flashy, faux-luxury, arrogance, and tasteless.Finally, he walked away during World War II.However, almost one hundred years later, this style became popular again thanks to the spread of graphic design and fashion in the special atmosphere of the pre-war period.Currently, Art Deco - a style that is widely used by designers of fashion, jewelery and interiors.