Beautiful ceiling - an important element of the design space

long time ceilings assigned solely functional role, and the aesthetic overshadowed.Today, beautiful ceiling - is, in fact, a key design element that determines the end of his idea.It also affects the overall perception of space - the increasing then decreasing the height of the room.Of course, any activity related to the repair of the ceiling is very complex.This is primarily determined by the conditions in which to work standing on a ladder or other devices, often in very uncomfortable positions.And because the ceiling - this is perhaps the most conspicuous part of the premises, all, even the smallest defects are visible.Therefore, it is important to consider all possible options of finishes and consider the question of the ceiling repair responsibly.Modern construction market offers a great many ways as possible to make a beautiful ceiling.The most common are different levels using drywall and tension.Let us examine them in detail.

Beautiful plasterboard ceilings.This type of ceiling is universal, i

t will be pertinent in the nursery and in the living room.Depending on the functionality of the room accessories, you can use plasterboard fireproof or moisture repellent.With the drywall can perform multi-level, single-level, beautiful vaulted ceiling and arches, the effect of which is amplified mainly by spotlights and other lighting methods.The obvious disadvantage of this type of finishing the ceiling is the fact that it reduces the height of the room, so initially low buildings it does not fit.Also, when working with small spaces need to take a cautious approach to a variety of decorative elements on the ceiling in the form of arches and curves, as they tend to reduce the room.Plasterboard ceilings are more suitable for cottages also because in the case of Gulf neighbors above, the repair will be inevitable.It is also worth adding that the work of plasterboard, of course, best left to professionals, as well as the design of the ceiling.

Beautiful ceilings.This is perhaps the most popular type of finishing the ceiling.Among the obvious advantages they should include:

  • Durability: the ceilings are high service life, in addition, do not require special care and a subsequent repair.
  • strength: this beautiful ceiling - ideal for city apartments.They can withstand up to 1,000 m3 of water, so in the case of a "gift" from the neighbors will be able to save you from your apartment and need repair.
  • impossible not to mention the aesthetic appeal of the ceilings, they are considered to be the most beautiful today and open up great opportunities for the realization of design decisions.
  • process of installation of suspended ceilings - it is a couple of hours for professionals, besides not very dirty.

Nothing in this life is not perfect, and have suspended ceilings have some weaknesses, namely: the fear of sharp objects and changes in temperature.