Italian style in the interior.

Colorful Italian style in the interior is characterized by simplicity, comfort and indescribable comfort.He came to Europe from the Mediterranean countries: Turkey, Spain and Greece - combining a luxury ancient, monumental and uncomplicated forms.Dear natural materials, slender columns, ornate ornaments, natural wood, live plants - this is what distinguishes the Italian style in the interior.

tint palette consists mainly of warm natural colors - orange, beige, yellow, pale pink.Often there are light gray or off-white shades.Italian style in the interior allows the use in the decoration of the walls of several colors, allowing you to select specific areas, making the room brighter.


To finish mainly used classic material - Venetian plaster.Its extraordinary texture with hand-made effect transforms an ordinary room into an individual, simple and at the same time a luxurious interior.You can use several types of materials - mosaic, plaster and wall paintings.And the first type of finish is wid

ely used not only in the design of kitchens and bathrooms, but also in other areas.It is also widely used ceramic tile "antique" with jagged edges.Italian style in the interior allows the use of a small amount of natural stone for finishing pieces of walls, arches, fireplaces and columns.


Colours - exceptionally bright.The ceiling can be a pattern, reminiscent of images in the palaces of Florence, or just monotonous tension.Perhaps decorating the massive beams of wood.


Ideal cover - marble tiles.It is important that the floor throughout the apartment has been designed in the same style.You can also use the mosaic and ceramic tiles.However, it should be noted that these materials are quite cold, so the apartment is desirable to mount a "warm floor".Italian style in the interior (photo projects can be seen below) encourages the use of wood.Note, however, that the floor was neutral in texture and did not stand out of the picture, leaving the championship behind the walls.


For Italian interiors ideal set of wood.It should be pretty solid, perhaps decoration decorative carvings.

Italian style in the interior of the kitchen

dining table is the central piece of furniture.Behind it should put all the Italian family.Therefore, the presence of a large table always in rooms decorated in Mediterranean style.Particular attention should be given to the fireplace.He is not only able to create a cozy and bring the heat, but also perform the function of an additional light source.The interior design of the kitchen is widely used ceiling, mimicking street lamps or candles.An important element of the decor - textiles, predominantly bright colors with floral ornaments.Italian cuisine is inherent light mess.So do not hide in closets dishes and other utensils.Open shelves with dishes, pots and jars with spices - that's the first sign of Italian cuisine.