The loft bed with a working area: profitable and compact

Not all of us can boast of a large living space, allowing each room take their place.More often, we are forced to use the maximum available space efficiently and functionally.As a rule, it suffers from a children's area.No coincidence that many people prefer to buy a loft bed with a working area, instead of to equip the whole nursery.

It should be noted that such a decision will certainly be appreciated by your children.Each of us dreamed as a child of his own house, a castle or fortress, where you can hide from everyone and play.And if you use in providing a loft bed with a working area - it is generally the ultimate dream.What is special about it?

The first feature of this attribute - the design.On the one hand - this is a common bed with legs.On the other - sleeper located on top, while the first tier placed under the working or playing area.Here, as a rule, built cabinets, shelves, drawers or a desk.On the second floor you need to climb the stairs, so the loft bed with a working area fully ju

stifies its name.

Secondly, such designs are compact and ergonomic, so will fit even in a very small room, saving valuable space.Third, a loft bed with a working area - is functional, since it is possible to combine it several pieces of furniture.All beds of this type are of two types, depending on the age of the child.So, for children up to 5 years, they differ a little in height that provides safety.In addition to the working area in settling their game.

second option - is just a loft bed with a working area.It is higher than the previous model, as well as a work area to perform, as already mentioned, a desk and a variety of shelves.This bed is designed for students of middle and older age.It is noteworthy that these structures can be of different colors and are designed for use specifically a girl or a boy.Girly option - it is usually a bed of white or pink, decorated with delicate carvings and paintings, flowers or bows.But the boys' option - it is, for example, pirate ship, car or a tree house, made in dark colors (blue, green, purple).

If you are interested in making the most efficient, practical and well-equip the area for entertainment of children, pay attention to the loft bed.Children (photo is only confirmed!) With this attribute will look very impressive and at the same time you will be able to competently plan space.

These compact modular system is the best suited for interior decoration.By the way, modern furniture market offers a loft bed from different manufacturers - both domestic and foreign.It really is an advantageous distribution of funds, since one attribute connected functions of several pieces of furniture.