Plastic windows.

PVC profiles gained great popularity in the construction market.Durability - one of the main trump cards that have plastic windows.Repair their own hands to make a snap.This is due primarily low level of damage, as well as simplicity of design.


This type of windows has a high level of tightness that prevents drafts in the room.Excellent sound insulation makes it possible to protect your home from negative street noises that interfere with proper rest.Ease of opening and closing the windows, and position adjustable power enable control of ventilation.Windows are equipped with mosquito nets, which in hot weather prevents the penetration of the premises of insects and dust.Usually, when they come out of whack plastic windows, repair their own hands is much cheaper than the assistance of qualified professionals.This article will talk about the two most common faults encountered.

How to repair the handle of a plastic window

Based on the fact that the handle of the window is often amenabl

e to mechanical impacts, its failure is one of the most common.If the closing does not work, turn it to the end, you can use any grease-permeable.If this method did not help, it is necessary to completely remove the handle and loosen or tighten the screws that regulate its position.There are situations when the handle is stuck in one position and can neither open nor close the window frame.In this case, you need to carefully analyze the mechanism and remove the interlock.

Quite simply install new handles on plastic windows.Repair their own hands in this case, rather than a challenge to master.To do this, remove the old structure and put in its place a new one.It should be borne in mind that the handle must be moved to a position not too hard, but do not hang loose.

How quickly, easily and efficiently organize the repair of plastic windows slopes with their own hands

Once the windows are installed in window openings, the final step is to finish the repair of slopes.You will need high-quality plaster and some skills in the work.But the plaster has a number of drawbacks: long drying, requires painting, has a low hygroscopic property.Alternatively, you can use plastic.In this case, the repair takes less time, and ease of operation allows it to perform even a novice.Plastic slopes are mounted on a wooden frame with screws.For a more accurate and smooth installation, we recommend the use of the building level.Due to the plastic sheathing is obtained smooth and seamless.When installing plastic slopes every year there is no need to update them by color or putty, sometimes enough to wipe the dust.

windows, repair their own hands which can be carried out simply and quickly gained a lot of popularity among consumers of the construction market.