Welding inverter "Interskol" - reviews.

Company "Intreskol" produces a variety of power tools in the Russian Federation.In recent years, products of the brand is in great demand.This is largely due to the great capacity that has this company.

also "Interskol" is parallel developments in the field of improvement of work of power tools.As of 2013 20% of power tools in Russia have been released under this brand.In total, since the introduction of firm "Interskol" released about 24 million units.

Opening "Interskol"

Based Research and Production Company "Interskol" in 1991.Only on the territory of the Russian Federation is 17 plants, which produce products.Previously, the company was engaged in scientific developments at the Russian Institute of tools and machines.

in 1996 opened new laboratories engaged in research activities.There have also been launched with the support of the engineering departments of Science and Technology Center "Interskol."


In 1998, "Interskol" beginning to work with a big company for the productio

n of weapons, which is located in the city of Izhevsk.This partnership has allowed to begin production of hammers and saws.Since 2000, "Interskol" begins to increase turnover, and in the same year the company began to produce more than 400 units.In addition, the pipeline was launched for the production of planers and jigsaws.

in 2002 opened a new shop in the town of Bykovo (Moscow region), which is engaged in manufacture of power tools.The next step is to increase the service shops from 160 to 200. Thus, repair welding inverters "Intreskol" has become easier, and the company is now able to provide greater assistance to maintain.

should also be noted that the company has never stopped and each year has continued to produce new types of products.More recently it started the production of miter saws, polishing machines and routers.

manufacturing inverters "Interskol" in Spain and Shanghai

In addition to Russia, separating "Interskol" exist in the city of Ripoll (Spain), as well as in the city Dzinhua (Shanghai).Basically they are doing is producing welding inverters.In addition, they have to provide services in the field of processing of concrete and wood.The company "Interskol" has permission to carry out the installation and anchoring works.

What welding inverters?

Welding inverters - a relatively recent invention, which has already established itself as a trusted associates.Welders have been able to appreciate all their advantages and disadvantages.Previously had to deal with simple welding machines.Their transportation was very difficult, given the weight of the unit.Inventions welding inverters for a long time pushed aside and old transformers and rectifiers.The secret lies in their principle of operation.

operating principle of the welding inverter

all starts with the receipt of the AC, which has a frequency of 50 Hz.Then it undergoes certain changes with the help of special filters, which are in the welding inverter.As a result of these processes is already available at the output of a constant current.Later in the course of entering the inverter directly.Its task is to convert the DC power by transistors.At the same time there is a significant reduction in the frequency and the current remains consistently high.Thus the problem with the welding arc has been solved by using frequency manipulation.

Pros welding inverters

main advantage of inverter welding is, of course, their light weight.Additionally, it became possible to use the DC electrodes.To a large extent this was useful when working with non-ferrous metals.You can also see a large range of current that can be adjusted.This allowed to engage in TIG welding, which feature is the use of non-consumable electrode.

Additionally, many models have an opportunity to make a hot start.The principle of this function is to quickly supply the maximum current to the electrode.This avoids when sticks to the surface of the wire during welding.

Cons inverter welding

cost of these devices is very different from conventional transformers.In addition, repair welding inverters - a very costly exercise.Plus, they are very susceptible to dust.Therefore inverters require periodic inspection.To do so, each time to open the lid and remove all dirt.Also, there are significant restrictions on the temperature conditions in which welding inverter can be used.This largely depends on the details of which are installed therein.Whatever it was, it is strictly not recommended to include already at -15 degrees.

addition of the disadvantages of welding inverters can be identified relatively small welding cables.This fact creates certain difficulties during operation, but is not critical.

Welding inverter: Which is better?

To date, the most popular model "ISA-200 / 9.4", "ISA-250 / 10.6", "ISA-160 / 7.1" and "ISA 180 / 8.2".In order to make the right choice, a more detailed examination of their characteristics are summarized below.

Welding inverter "ISA-200 / 9,4"

This welding inverter "Interskol" has positive reviews, as capable of high-quality welding steel, cast iron and various metals.It can easily be used in various construction works relating to the installation and repair of carcasses.From

features include the ability to operate in the mode of arc welding, which can be used manually.To this end the electrodes can be used with various coatings.However mainly used stick electrodes.In addition, the welding inverter 200 has a convenient knob on the front panel.It allows you to quickly and comfortably perform the control of work.For the convenience of transportation on the top panel has a handle.Among other things, it established a quality system of ventilation.

For ease of use there are different connectors, which are designed for quick connect device.The cooling system is able to handle large overloads and allows a person to work continuously for a long time.In addition to the handle for transporting belt is provided.From the useful functions of the welding inverter can be distinguished protection system.With significant overheating, the controller - the device turns off.Thus, we can safely use this model.

standard set welding machine includes Electrode and earth clamp.Additionally there is a strap for carrying.

Features "ISA-200 / 9,4"

type power unit - standard (from the network 220).Rated voltage of the welding inverter is located at around 170 V. However, the maximum values ​​sometimes reaching up to 240 V. It should be noted that the rate remains unchanged and is equal to 50 Hz.Consumption ratio in this case is a little too low and is 42 A. When

undervoltage activates a special mode.It should further be noted rather large range of welding current, which allows to work with a variety of surfaces.The minimum values ​​of up to 20 A. The maximum, this model is able to increase the range of current up to 200 A. It is also necessary to take into account the diameter of the electrodes, which can be used in this model.

design allows the electrodes with a diameter of 5 mm.Special indicators on the front panel always inform the user of the terms of supply, as well as overheating.Dimensions of the device are very modest, so that the inverter welding machine "Interskol" received good reviews.The width of it a little more than 300 cm and a length of only 20 cm. In this case, the weight of exactly 7 kg.

Model "Interskol ISA-250 / 10,6"

This welding inverter "Interskol" earned good reviews for its compact size, making it easy to carry.Most often it is used for the construction of high-quality welding of various metals.However, the welding machine - Inverter "Interskol" - can be used at home.It is not necessary to know all the nuances of the work - it is equipped with a reliable system of protection, and also has a comfortable bar.Welding inverter 250 can operate successfully both with cast iron and stainless steel.He produced only in gray, and is classified as a cell.

The front panel contains two LEDs, which show information about nutrition and overheating.An air cooling system and operates in a forced mode.From features can distinguish the ability to monitor arcforce during operation.

Features " Interskol ISA-250 / 10,6"

Power of the welding inverter is carried out through a network of 220 V. The rated voltage of the device is an average of 170 V. The maximum comes to 240, but it may be different overheating.The device works with a frequency less than 50 Hz.This current consumption is 40 A. Like the other models in this series, the producers made it possible to operate at low voltages.

range of welding current high standard.Its minimum lowered to 30 A, and allow you to work gently.The maximum figure reaches 225 A and the barrier not many are able to beat.Among the additional features, you can check "Arc Force" and "Start".Protection class of the device - "IP23".

Standard equipment includes direct welding machine cable, which is equipped with multiple electrode holder, as well as a separate ground cable.

Among the models in this series, this welding inverter has the smallest size.Its length - 28 cm, height - 40 cm, and width - just 20 cm. The weight is 6.6 kg.

Model "Interskol ISA-160 / 7,1"

This welding inverter "Interskol" has good reviews for its versatility.It is well suited for use in a domestic environment.It can be used to weld arc method.For this purpose, the device has a mode antizalipaniya electrode.Also, you can configure a hot start.Adjust the welding current is carried out manually.In addition, the front panel can always follow the voltage indicators.The cooling system enables long and continuous use of welding inverter.The price of this model - 16 200 rubles.

for easy transport "Interskol ISA-160 / 7.1" equipped with a handle.The kit includes the strap.

Features "Interskol ISA-160 / 7,1"

supply voltage is 220 V. In this case, the power consumption is at around 9 kW.Minimum welding current is only 18 A. However, the maximum value that the device can deliver, up to 200 A view of the current in this model is constant, so the duration of the load can be up to 100%.The smallest diameter of the wire, which can be used - 1.6 mm.It is also possible to use the electrode is 5 mm.The total length of the device is 335 mm, width - 237 mm.The weight of this model - 5.2 kg.So, this is the best welding inverter for use in a domestic environment.

Model "Interskol 180 / 8,2"

This welding inverter "Interskol" received good reviews from customers.This is largely due to its versatility, which allows its use for various construction purposes.High-power devices can work with most metals.For example, it is possible to allocate a low-carbon steel and cast iron.Stable voltage welding current allows various repairs structures.

classified inverter welding "Interskol 180" as a device for manual arc welding.They are produced in gray.A distinctive feature of this model is its mobility.From features can be identified as the ability to operate at low voltage.

Features " Interskol 180 / 8,2"

Power of the model is carried out through a network of 220 V rated voltage indicators start at 170 and go up to 240 V. In this case, inverter welding "Interskol 180" has a nominal frequency only 40Hz.This is largely due to the low coefficient of consumption.It is located at around 37 A.

Among the shortcomings can be identified a small operating current range.Minimum values ​​are only 30 A, and maximum values ​​- 170 A. It is also distressing inability to use electrodes with a diameter of 4 mm.In this case, the range of work that the welding inverter is greatly reduced.

display system standard and is able to inform the user about the level of nutrition.Also, there is a second indicator that indicates the status of overheating.