Oven Electric Built-in : the selection criteria .Built-in electric stove and oven : reviews

oven in the kitchen - it is one of the important tools in conducting many culinary experiments.However, the modern range of home appliances often leads to confusion when you need to choose one thing.Everything becomes particularly difficult when you need built in electric oven.It is important to know how to make the right choices, and what technical features and functions is characterized by a particular type of equipment.


built in electric oven is an excellent assistant mistress in the kitchen, so it is important to know how to choose the right.As a first and important features include the following: such devices are more powerful and functional in comparison with the detached as well as its internal dimensions.Of course, the cost of embedded models is much higher, but in the end they justify themselves.Most well-known manufacturers completely stop issuing detached models.Therefore it is recommended to acquire such an option only in cases where there is no possibility to install Built-in o

vens or there are restrictions in the financial plan.


This figure is very important in the selection, as it depends on the efficiency and usability of the device in the future.Built-in electric oven may have a capacity of 2-4 kW, which most consumers lack the wave.This rate has a direct impact on the maximum temperature at which to prepare food.The coolest models capacity of 35 kilowatts or more, it is, for example, Bosch HBG 76R560F, Pyramida F 120. The maximum temperature in them is 500 degrees Celsius.However, it fits into the category of interesting features, not benefits, as required cooking temperature readings no more than 220 degrees.Therefore, in the absence of the need to work in high temperature enough to have a capacity of 2,503 kilowatt model, outstanding to 250 degrees.

chamber volume

built in electric oven, the price is 350 dollars and above, typically has a volume of 50 liters, which is considered normal for the task, that is, cooking at home.However, there is a technique characterized by smaller dimensions, that is 20-30 liters.The acquisition of these options is appropriate in the case where there is no way to install the device with full size.For comparison, we can note that free-standing oven characterized by no more than 30 liters.

standard for conventional cabinets are options 60h60h55 see. At the moment, there are built-in electric oven 45 cm, which are focused on the use of the furniture in a particular configuration.Also today offered models with two independent cameras, but their width is 100 cm. The cost of such equipment is hardly the middle, so it should not be considered very carefully.The correct option is to choose a model with a standard size, as most manufacturers produce them is to guarantee affordability.

cleaning method

Currently there are oven, cleaning which is carried by one of the techniques: traditional, or catalytic pyrolysis.Each of them should be considered in more detail.The essence of the traditional method is that the inner walls of the oven coated with a special enamel.It turns out that for cleaning the interior surfaces of the need to arm themselves with detergent and sponges and begin the complex process of washing.

catalytic method assumes that covers the inner walls of the oven with the special enamel pores promotes the decomposition and the removal of fat in the cooking process itself.If you liked it so embedded electric oven, instruction will contain information about it.However, more often the reality is not so rosy, so you will need to re-arm with a cloth and detergent, to deal with the remnants of contamination.

pyrolysis method is considered the most effective and progressive.Oven Electric Built in (45 cm wide) with a similar function - it saves your time and effort.The essence of the method is as follows: when the respective mode, the camera unit is heated to 600 degrees Celsius for a short time, which is enough that the fat accumulated on the walls, burned.Next, you will only open the door to cool down the walls, and then removed with a cloth remnants of the ashes.Vehicles equipped with the possibility of a pyrolysis treatment, there is only one drawback - it is much more expensive than conventional devices.There are several models of ovens with such a function, which are the most popular: Electrolux EOB 53410 AX, Bosch HBA 23B263E, Gorenje BO75SY2B.There are more affordable in terms of price: Electrolux EOC 3430 COX, Beko OIE 25500 X, Bosch HBA 63B265F, Siemens HB 63AS521.

features and functionality

Modern built electric cookers and ovens are characterized by relatively rich functionality, including the existence of a timer and convection.The latter is worth mentioning.In fact, the convection is ensured by the presence in the chamber of the oven a fan that drives air and provides more rapid and uniform cooking.Some models use a dual convection, but it does not give any special advantages over the simpler version.The grill - this is another modern option, which possess 99% of modern ovens.That it can help you get the most golden brown on food, which is so popular with many.

Rotisserie - is an option that can boast only a few models.If you are a fan of grilled chicken, cooked on a spit, then you should look for such a device.There are several good options with the opportunity to: Electrolux EOC 5951 AOX, Hotpoint-Ariston FH 1039 P IX.

New additions

Manufacturers do not stop there, so in some models you can find features such as cooker, microwave mode, pull cart, temperature probe, as well as other, even more exotic.Very often, people are tempted to take on the most complex instruments equipped with a mass of additional modes, as a result of the exclusive use of those features that can be found in the cheapest options.And then you can give a very valuable piece of advice: try to decide before the final choice because of all this, you really come in handy.There is no sense to overpay for the presence of a set of stones for pizza or a steamer, which you never take advantage.

Types Management

In this case, we can speak of a trend - the higher the value of technology, the management of its more electrified.It turns out that if the device in front of you cost 300-400 dollars, in 9 cases out of 10 it will be equipped with a mechanical control knobs.Such electric oven built - "Ariston" or other brand - do not have the display and the indicators used in them - only mechanical.To appear on the screen of the electronic device need to throw another $ 100-200.There are models, which cost more than $ 700-800, they have not only a great function display, but also the elements of touch.


If we talk about what the company should be oven, the situation is similar to choosing any other home appliances.The most recognized quality model of the Swedish, Austrian and German manufacturers, who are going directly to the home.Most often refers to Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens.It is necessary to be afraid of the little-known manufacturers, for example, DEX, Mirta, Saturn, Ariete, Vimar.There are representatives of an average price category, which include the Hotpoint-Ariston, Gorenje, Beko, Zanussi.


There are certain safety rules, compliance with which is to be operated electric oven is built in.Reviews of this or that model may demonstrate features encountered users.But there is a list of universal precautions:

- can not allow children to be near the oven and contact with the control panel in the absence of adults;

- in the cold season the oven should not be used as a heater;

- before you turn on the device, it implies to remove any unnecessary items;

- after each use, the device should be wiped all the spots and splashes, which appeared on the inner panel, and the need to constantly monitor the cleanliness of grids and pans, periodically wash the outside, especially in the presence of the touch panel.

Some models have automatic shut-off function is activated in case of excessive length of operation of the device or overheating.Built-in electric oven, "Bosch" is equipped with auto-lock system, which can be activated by pressing a button that does not allow children to open the door during operation or put controls in place.

Conclusion As you can see, there are some simple recommendations on choosing much needed in the kitchen unit.It does not matter which one you choose in the end - built electric oven 45 cm, or the size of a standard model, as long as the device has served you for many years.Choosing the right equipment, you can count on the convenience of cooking for the whole family.With the new oven can safely learn baking recipes that previously scare you because it violates the existing capabilities of the device.