Children electric car with his hands.

is rare to meet a child who would not want to have your own little car.This is especially true of electric cars, which enthusiastically ride not only boys but also girls.Indeed, in this case, the child does not need to pedal, and the temptation to climb in the mud he will be less.

Simple electric can do with their hands, adapt itself to the usual machine screwdriver pedal, which can be powered by a motorcycle battery.However, in such a design scheme many shortcomings as a fragile plastic it has an unpleasant habit of falling apart from the long operation.

In addition, the standard gearbox housing in this case is simply not enough resources to how a long-term operation, so you will in any case have to modernize and "bringing to mind" the existing solutions.

Features simple car

As we have already mentioned, it is best to take the body from the ordinary to the pedal-powered machines.If this is not possible, you can try to build something like plastic or plywood.Doing their own hands electric, you

get a couple of engines from conventional screwdrivers.Gearboxes must be taken from the same place, but they need to make homemade steel housing.The output shafts are put on 201 bearings.

as in the prototype, landing in the car side.The motors are powered by a conventional car battery type 6ST60.The small plastic wheels can be taken from the garden carts or something like that.For frame taken steel pipe with a diameter in the range 16mm.


Suspension best to make spring-type.Brakes - electric, direct and short-circuiting through a resistor (for smooth braking).

can put on a little car horn, headlights and mirrors.In short, to make a beautiful electric car with their hands!Drawings make sure in advance, as it will better represent the structure.All the basics, we will give in this article, but you no ban to connect to the process of their creative flair.

With a maximum speed of 8 km / h, this design has a power reserve of at least 30 km away!The machine turns a double, without battery weighs about 15 kg.The size cars - LxWxH (mm) - 880h560h570.

electrical characteristics

When you become a master electric car with his hands, it is at this point you need to pay special attention.The fact that the characteristics of this device depends on the reliability of the machine and the security of your baby.Of course, we should first worry about that all the contacts are properly insulated.

Many believe that the braking system can be done by simply relegate to the panel button to "On. / Off."from the screwdriver.Of course, in this case the machine control becomes as simple as possible.That's just keep in mind that sudden braking can lead to very unpleasant consequences.So what to do and brake through the resistor.

How to add speed?

Also keep in mind that the soft start standard screwdriver (when used in a typewriter) quickly comes into disrepair.The machine begins to start from a place jerky.

Pick two-stage gas and brake buttons by adding resistance.Do not worry about high losses from the battery: The first speed is used quite a short time, so that nothing bad will happen.

Making Body "roverĀ»

immediately determine that the body best taken from a finished machine as a result of your creation will look more aesthetically pleasing.Before making the electric own hands, we recommend to wander through the online store website.Enterprising Chinese have long sell anything, so look for a suitable body will be easy.

fixing points - in the place where "donor" was pedals.To attach the rear of the frame must be made projections that will serve as additional stiffeners.For the battery you must make an ark of weld profile.

preferable to make one part of the body flap, securing it to the appropriate size for the hinges.In this case you will easily remove the battery for maintenance.If no suitable pipe frame can easily be made from old steel-framed chairs.To the suspension are ideal parts of quality prams.About

as materials ...

making electric with their hands (the simplest option scheme we discussed) part of the carriage, which will also provide themselves with all the necessary spare parts that are sold in a variety of specialty stores.Note that for this purpose it is necessary to select items from high-quality European carriages, rather than imitations of Chinese and Polish.In the cheapest models used the cheapest plastic and metal is very bad.

This design can not withstand even a use for its intended purpose, and only in the compact car fall apart even more.

the more that they are already ready to mount, and therefore it is possible to dispense with welding (which is not present at all).Better to do massive bumper, as it is easier for them to carry the machine.Making suspension of residues strollers, guide, inspect the spring if they are too stunted, it is better to strengthen their steel strips.

Doing transmission

We have already agreed that as engines take any of the screwdriver.Himself gear from the device remains unchanged, but the housing must be machined from steel on a lathe.The engines will transmit torque through the transmission chain.Fortunately, this problem does not arise: in any store for cyclists, you will find all sorts of stars in the required configuration.

diameter is difficult to speak about.Take smaller star - speed motion will be higher, but also the wear gear that is simply not designed for such loads, and will be much stronger.Needless to its diameter as large will lead to unreasonably high losses of electricity, since most of the time mechanism will rotate in vain.

If desired, the wheels can be mounted on drums for mechanical brakes.They can also be found in bike shops, but if desired, and the presence of a lathe are easily made at home.Generally, collecting quality homemade electric car with your hands, be sure to take care of the access turning machines, as without it you will not be able to do many of the details.


But instead of standard bearings from the trucks need to put 200 and 201 bearings with internal diameters of 10 and 12 mm.To install using transitional housing in the rear inner parts that make the thread under the drums.Housing halves can be connected by means of tie, fastening it bolted.

Of course, if you have a normal lathe, it is better to do without such tricks, making all parts of the solid steel bars.So get much stronger, and the reliability of such a structure is not in the above example.And do electric with his hands for the children to do the most reliable!

Since we use electric brakes, the whole mission is not very complicated.The parking brake is not necessary to do.Keep in mind that the child should use the car strictly under your supervision!

Do chassis

most complicated from a technical point of view, the knuckle assembly.It is better to take a "donor" pedal cars putting rubber wheel stops turning.

This prevents too sharp turns and rollover avtomobilchika at high speed.Yes, it is also not possible, as kids electric car (with your hands to make it not so difficult), anyway turn out with a displaced center of gravity.For

stops rocking body taken ordinary rope traction, preventing the body from the frame immediately in the potholes and ruts.The front axle is mounted on the swing arms.Since the weight of the machine is small, put some complicated cross rods does not make sense.It is better to strengthen the suspension springs, which in this case easily withstand even the two children.

Instead rocking levers, which are not so easy to find, you can apply two strips of stainless steel 1.5 mm thick, longitudinally mounted on the frame.However, it is worth remembering that you can not take an ordinary steel strip: its front part will have to unnecessarily heavy load, which will inevitably lead to the deformation and destruction of the material.

To avoid this phenomenon, the thickness of the anterior third of the strips should be increased by about 2/3, welded to it the appropriate parameters for the steel area.In short, before making their own hands electric, pre-purchase all the necessary "scrap."

More on steering

steering assembly is done on the basis of the most primitive lever design.Looking at the controls of any toy pedal cars, you can easily do something similar yourself.Steering tips ready to take better buying them in the car shop.

Clamps are similar to those used in car doors.Rotary fists (as we mentioned) can be ready to take, but if necessary, they are not so difficult to cut steel sheet with a thickness of 2 mm.

steering levers are with them one.The front of the bend in the form of channels, by welding it to the front of the machined hollow shaft.Pin easy to carve out a standard "furniture" bolt.For steering rod picks up the phone with a diameter of 8 mm.Hinges can be found in the furniture store.Their strength will be enough.

Make a royal gift to your child by giving him electric.The hands it is easy to assemble, but the joy of this experience Nemer baby!