Homemade garage.

Garage for most motorists - a place which contains not only the vehicle, but also a huge number of little things that are not "shelter" in the house or apartment.Accordingly, in order to expand its storage space, you need to use it wisely.For example, homemade garage - it's a good opportunity to unite in this, in fact, a small room features a workshop and a barn.

Wardrobe: functional, comfortable, ergonomically

garage can build using different equipment.For example, to store tools, garden tools, various sports attributes, it is best to build a small closet.Thanks to him, you can store a number of things properly and systematically, and therefore to find the right tool or equipment will be easy.However, to install the cabinet, you need to have enough garage space.Otherwise, in this, and so a small room would be difficult to pass.

Shelves: compact, practical

Any garage is divided into two parts - one in which the right is a car, and one in which it is carried out repairs.Shelves for tools in th

e garage is best to install it in the zone, which will host your machine.It is important to be located above its roof.The width of the shelves should be calculated so that they could put a conventional toolbox, such as grinder, saw, hammer or screwdriver.

Shelf load will have considerable, and therefore need to make it durable and reliable.For example, the valve must have a thickness not less than 12 mm, and it should be positioned at a distance of 50 cm from each other.To create a homemade garage to cut pieces of rebar with regard to its entry into the wall by about 15 cm. Now drill a hole with a suitable diameter and depth.Pins to hammer into the wall, align their length.

on the edge of the pins should be weld small corners, which will limit the garage shelves.Along the wall is soldered solid metal strip or thin fittings.We look to design was smooth and neat, and then paint it.

How to make the flooring?

equipment inside the garage - a process responsible, because you need to take into account the ratio of the room and furniture, which it will be located.So, after the paint dries, you can do the flooring arrangement on the shelves.For it we will use the boards that will be imposed on the valve.In this process it is important to remember how to fill the space between the shelf and the ceiling.In addition, you should calculate how heavy things on it will be stored.

bracket: how to do?

To use space more efficiently, can be as homemade garage use hanging shelves.They are located just below the ceiling.They are fixed to the special brackets completely different design features.It is important to choose such a shelf that will evenly distribute the pressure load on the surface of the wall.Here are the steps on which we will build a hinged design for storage equipment:

1. Measure out a horizontal line on the wall.It is for it to be fixed brackets.

2. To secure the shelf in the garage with his hands, we need self-tapping screws.They are more reliable.

3. After installing the fasteners they can be mounted shelf - wood or plywood, which are fastened by means of screws.

4. For hanging shelves are reliable, you can supplement their areas.This will also prevent sagging under the weight of them.

Rack: decent option

equipment garage with his hands to perform not as difficult as it sounds, especially for those who love tinkering and carry out repair work yourself.And even the rack, which at first glance differ Overall, we can build and own.However, because besides the size, is to do with the rack manufacturer drafting.To do this in a businesslike way to explore their own and think about its content, and then determine the size of the future cabinet.

Ideally, shelves need to make one wall of the garage, while the height of the mark depending on what cargo dimensions are stored there.For example, it is advisable to do the bottom shelf high, because it is here put heavy cans, winter tires or other large items.

creating these homemade garage with his hands, it is necessary to count the number of shelves and their depth.Determine the size, and then transfer them to the paper.As a rule, this rack is a small room in the wall, and most with floor-to-ceiling windows.With regard to the width of the shelves, it is calculated, depending on whether gravity will load.Most often, they have a width of one meter at a depth of 60 cm. In such constructions may be stored as large objects and hand tools or fasteners.

Choose durable materials

creating homemade garage with his hands, I want them to be the most durable, reliable and durable.To do this, you should use high-quality materials, such as metal.To create a vertical rack, you need to stock up on metal corners with a shelf about 30-50 mm or profile with rectangular cross-section.To attach the decking, we first need to create a frame.It is attached to the uprights by welding or using screws.To make the right shelf in the garage with his hands, you can use a wooden board thicknesses up to 25 mm, but it is also suitable chipboard, plywood and ordinary.Ideally, the board can be painted or treated with the composition in order to protect them from exposure to mold or moisture.

How to create a metal rack?

So we made the drawing and calculate the amount of building material.Now cut into the metal profile according to the sizes.Mark up, which will be mounted uprights.First, you must weld the corner segments that will frame the shelves to the uprights.It is important that the arrangement were clearly horizontal.We weld the frame, which subsequently need to be primed and painted.This will protect the structure from corrosion.

The last step in the creation of such artifacts for the garage - a shelving arrangement.First, they need to cut, then go location - along or across the frame.The wood should first be treated with special agents.Thereafter, shelf can be mounted to the chassis with screws, thus they should tightly fit to each other.

Wooden pallets

Improvised equipment for the garage, you can create entirely of wood.However, it is still used rarely, although it is more economical option.To make the uprights, must take a bar of sufficient thickness - not less than 100 mm.As the shelves using the board, plywood or chipboard.Feature wooden pallets is that in spite of sufficient strength, its carrying capacity is not so high.Accordingly, it can only be used for storage is not very dimensional things.They are attached to the frame of wooden shelves with metal mounting brackets and screws.

Extra shelves - practical alternative

However, the equipment for the garage is not necessary to create his own.For example, there are more effective and easy solution to the problem of arrangement of the premises - the use of ready-made designs that can only muster.Firstly, it will take less time.Second, do not need to prepare drawings and to buy materials - everything will be delivered to the object in the final set.Third, you can assemble a rack alone and quickly.Fourth, modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of ready structures of any configuration, but because of problems simply does not arise.

to create modular rack is used galvanized metal, which is coated on top of paint or a polymer composition.For the manufacture of the shelves is also used galvanized sheet metal.They can be installed at any height, at the same time it is due to the resistance to corrosion and humidity, these designs are very popular with customers.Design features of some models of racks are such that they can be combined with wooden shelves, as well as components of particle board or plywood.

How to prepare?

purchasing modular rack, you will find only one job - his installation.He just performed.This only need pliers and a screwdriver, and the necessary fasteners are already complete.It is important to assemble horizontally, then the assembled structure of a lift.First collected uprights, which are mounted in the further flange at a certain distance.It is important to bear in mind that for large and heavy to leave the place to be on the bottom shelf, and it must be of sufficient height.

thus create homemade garage is quite easy even on their own.It does not need any special knowledge or skills, or some rare instruments.Knowing how to correctly calculate a size and make drawings, you can create a design that is comfortable and easy to operate and durable.And if you mess around with the creation and installation of racks and shelves do not feel like there is a worthy alternative - finished design that can only muster.