Make a poster to March 8 with their own hands

March 8 Let not all the world is Women's Day, but also for women in Russia is still a holiday.On this day men perform all the female desire, give gifts and flowers, allow capricious and mischievous.But that they carry out each year, but to make a poster March 8 with their own hands - a rarity.Such creativity will always be remembered and will cheer up in moments of memories of this holiday.

How to make a poster for the March 8 with his hands

It is necessary to put all the love and originality.Poster is on a large poster paper.Its size will fully your imagination run wild.The main thing that was attended by a spring theme.This means that the poster must be displayed flowers, which are the messengers of spring.For the production of flowers have many different ways.The simplest - take colored napkins, crumple them and stick in the form of a bouquet.Depending on the characteristics of those for whom the poster is created, you need to choose the main theme, what unites women for whom it is made.If the

poster for the women's team at work, you can draw it as a board of honor.And next to the name of each woman will describe her services.You can pick up the verses that are associated with each individual person.

Gift for Mom March 8

main for mom is your love and reverent attitude.Mom will not pay attention to the little bumps in your gift, it will just enjoy the gift.

most original greeting happen if the poster mother on March 8 with your hands you decorate with beads that will talk about your love.In addition, you can cut out a huge number of colors or just draw them.The main thing - to believe in themselves and follow their imagination.

What could be the poster on the day of March 8

Several types of original posters:

  1. In a large 8, in which greetings written or painted different pictures.
  2. in the form of chamomile, each petal of which - congratulations.You can congratulate the few women can - a lot of time alone.
  3. in a photo, which is located on the poster and pasted over stones or shells.
  4. in the form of a collage of various clippings from magazines, it may even be different quotes that will fit triumph.
  5. in the form of booklets.If the poster will be located a small card with your greetings and wishes.

make a poster March 8 with your hands will help you to your skills and imagination, and hopefully this article.